Says he’s impostor, liar

LEADERSHIP crisis rocking
the Peoples Democratic
Party, PDP, took a new twist
yesterday as the Spokesperson
of the party’s National
Caretaker Committee, Prince
Dayo Adeyeye, yesterday
described the newly appointed
Acting National Publicity
Secretary, Bernard Mikko as
an “impostor and pathological
Reacting to several
allegations leveled against
him by Mikko, Prince Adeyeye
denied the allegations and
insisted that Mikko lied when
he claimed that the issue of
his (Adeyeye’s) governorship
election was discussed in
Port Harcourt when the two
warring groups met after the
Court of Appeal judgment.
The statement read: “My
attention has been drawn to
a statement by a so called
Bernard Mikko , an impostor
who claims to be the Acting
National Publicity Secretary of
the PDP wherein he tried albeit
unsuccessfully to impugn my
character . Like his master and
other cohorts in their camp,
this clown is a pathological

liar. I never even knew he existed
until the day of the Appeal Court
“On that day as I entered the
Courtroom that morning, I was
accosted by another impostor,
Cairo Ojugbo who told me
emphatically that the Judgement
was going to be in their favor. He
challenged me to have a bet with
him if I doubted his claim which
I declined since I had no prior
knowledge of the Court decision
as he obviously had.
“He was already in a
celebratory mood as he decked
several layers of beads. He
said I should not worry that
the outcome of the Judgement
would be in my favour because
he would ensure that their
group give me the ticket for the
Ekiti Governorship race since
according to him Fayose was
decidedly against me.
“My reaction was one of
amusement bordering on
incredulity. The blackmail was
too cheap. I rebuffed him and
went to take my seat.
“Few minutes after the
Judgement, I received a phone
call from King Turner who
requested to see me in my hotel
room. But when the King came
in, I was completely shocked
APC will
redefine Enugu
politics in 2019
– Nwoye
and taken aback when I realized
that he was in company with
Cairo and a man who was later
introduced as Mikko.
“I protested vehemently but
the King persuaded me that
it was all in the interest of
peace and reconciliation in the
Party. I then requested that my
colleagues Senator Abdul Ningi
and Barr. Dave Iorhemba join
the discussion. Contrary to the
lies of Mikko, the meeting as
could be seen took place in my
room and not Senator Ningi’s.
Mikko is of middle age. It’s a pity
that he could be suffering from
such chronic amnesia. Those
present would bear witness that
there was no mention of my
Governorship ambition at all.
“The entire discussion
centered on finding an amicable
solution to the Party imbroglio.
It was apparent that our guests
wanted us to agree to end all
litigation and possibly agree to a
convention on their terms. Cairo
wanted a negotiated convention
that would possibly see him
emerge as Deputy National
“Mikko’s grouse was his
alleged ill treatment by Gov
Wike. The cry babies were
complaining about their

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marginalization by their
Governors. My governorship
ambition was never an issue.
“It has become habitual for
those in the Sheriff camp to talk
of my Governorship interest
at every turn either as a bait or
blackmail. They should realize
that my destiny is in the hands of
God almighty and not dependent
on any man, group or political
party. If the good Lord approves
of me those who would want to
disapprove will only labour in
vain. Enough!
“If Mikko and his paymasters
may know, I joined PDP more than
11 years ago from the Alliance for
Democracy AD, about the same
time that our beloved good friend
Governor Seriake Dickson and
Hon Cairo Ojuogbo also left the
AD for the PDP. The three of us are
proud alumni of the great AD. My
loyalty to the PDP had been total
and unquestionable. Can we say
the same for Sheriff and cohorts?
“Finally we maintain that
Mikko and Cairo are shameless
impostors. Sheriff has no National
Working Committee (NWC) with
which to function. Therefore any
action taken by him relating to
our great party will be illegal,
null and void and of no effect
whatsoever. This fact must
not escape the notice of those
clamoring for Sheriff to anchor a
new convention.”

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