MANY thoughts have been
shared about the “great fall”
of the People’s Democratic
Party(PDP) in Nigeria. How
the mighty fall. It only reminds
me of the soap opera we saw
as children The Rich Also Cry.
Does this title have anything
to do with “our great party”?
Great civilisations are born,
start to grow, they reach the
peak of their powers, decline
and ultimately crumble.
We often hear of the great
Zimbabwe, great Timbuktu,
Egypt, Babylon, Carthage,
Rome Othoman, Marcedonia
and the likes were all great
civilisations at different times.
Since nothing, good or bad,
lasts forever there came a time
when they have to erode with
history. This is why I love the
most quoted Igbo saying “No
The United Kingdom
Conservative Party had to
weather the storm of turbulent
period of fifteen years after since
Labour Party’s Tony Blair won in
1995. You can only imagine the
Tories’ frustrations during those
years before David Cameron
won in 2010.
The Mexican Partido
Revolutionario Institucional or
the Institutional Revolutionary
Party (PRI) held on to power
for uninterrupted 71 years since
1929 winning every presidential
elections. Though some critics
point out that it won the 1988
and 1994 elections by fraudulent
ballots, the party never lost a
national election till 2000 when
it relinquish power peacefully. It
had to wait another twelve years
to return to power at the national
level in 2012.
The United States Republicans
had to cope with serial
electoral defeats since losing
the Presidency to Franklin D.
Roosevelt in 1936. At some point
their membership in the Senate
reduced to less than 30 during
this period. The Grand Old Party
(GOP) had to wait till 1952 to get
back to the White House!
The PDP does not appear to
be prepared for the daunting
challenge of becoming an
opposition party. The present
crises rocking the party over
the control of its leadership
should be a cause for concern
to its rank and file. It is just that
they are not admitting it openly,
opposition in can be a unique
experience. You are almost an
endangered species; you are
constantly harassed, suspected
or intimidated. There is no
question of “Loyal Opposition.”
It is now an open secret that the
all is not well within the party’s
ranks. There are insinuations that
some of its governors, with tacit
support of President Goodluck
Jonathan are planning to float
a new platform to challenge
the All Progressives Congress
(APC). This appears to
me more like a mistrust of
brand. The party’s brand
has been seriously battered
by corruption, impunity,
ineptitude and mediocrity. The
future is looking rather gloomy
by the day for PDP.
As a matter of
recommendation, if the party’s
strategists are working, they
must look for ways to create
a new image or brand for
the party which will pave
ways for new orientation,
new directions and corporate
Adigun a Political Risk
Analyst and Researcher wrote
in from Abuja
condition is permanent.”
The PDP perhaps did not
realise its “humanness” at all. In
2008, Chief Vincent Ogbulafor,
the then PDP National
Chairman, had publicly boasted
that the party will rule Nigeria
for the next sixty years. At other
points some of its leaders echoed
arrogantly that it will rule
forever. This was why the party
did not prepare for the shock
March 28 defeat. It was caught
off guard!
It is never easy to be in
opposition after losing your
daily bread. It is never made
easier when you are beaten to
your own game. This appears to
be the fear of the party today. It is
afraid of everything. This is not
the time for the PDP strategists
to go to sleep. The party will not
be the first to find itself in this
kind of position neither will it be
the last.

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