chairman of the Peoples
Democratic Party, PDP,
Senator Ali Modu Sheriff
yesterday in Abuja said the
chairman of the National
Caretaker Committee,
Senator Ahmed Makarfi,
was protesting against the
judgement of the Court of
Appeal because of the N50
million monthly subvention
he receives from PDP
Speaking through his deputy,
Dr. Cairo Ojougho, at a press
conference at PDP national
secretariat, Modu Sheriff also
alleged that Makarfi had not
shown interest in seeking for
political solution to the PDP
crisis because of his personal
ambition to contest for the
presidency in 2019 on the
party’s platform.
He alleged that Senator
Makarfi wanted to preside
over the national convention
of the party to tilt the outcome
in favour of his presidential
His words: “The reason why
the caretaker committee is
protesting is that they have
seen that the table is now
crumbling fast under their feet.
All the organs of the party are
cueing into the reconciliation
and when the reconciliation
pulls through, they are out
and Senator Makarfi can
only come as member of the
BoT and so the N50 million
monthly subventions from
governors will stop. They
get subvention from the
governors every month and
when reconciliation happens,
that subvention will stop.
“Secondly, Makarfi wants a
situation where he will tailor-
make and tailor-made the
convention to suit his interest
because he has come out to
say that he will be contesting
the presidency of the country.
We are very mindful that we
are not going to tie our party
around any individual. That
is why the national chairman,
Sheriff said look, I am going
to throw everything
open. That is why we are
studying the position of the
reconciliation committee
and that is good enough to
advance our party.
“As soon the ongoing
reconciliation pulls through
they will no longer exit,”
Sherrif posited.
He also kicked against the
visit of the PDP Strategy
and Inter-Party Committee
headed by Prof Jerry Gana
to founding leaders of
PDP across the country,
describing the committee as
illegal and declared that it
had been banned henceforth
as it was not inaugurated by
any legal organ of the party.