NATIONAL Caretaker
Committee of the Peoples
Democratic Party, PDP,
yesterday in Abuja said
the controversial national
chairman of the party,
Senator Ali Modu Sheriff has
been evading service from
the Supreme Court over the
leadership tussle in the party.
The Caretaker Committee
had approached the
Supreme Court to challenge
the judgment of the Court
of Appeal that recognized
Modu Sheriff as the national
chairman of PDP.
Addressing a press
conference the National
Publicity Secretary, Prince
Dayo Adeyeye said it is
curious that Modu Sheriff
who has been dragging the
party to court several times
suddenly started evading
officials of the Supreme
Court when they went to
serve him court processes.
“We want to ask why
Senator Sheriff is running
away from justice by
avoiding service from the
Supreme Court. This is very
unfair from a man who has
been using the Court to
further his own selfish ends.
He should accept service and
face his case squarely, if he
believes in the merit of his
Prince Adeyeye, who used
the briefing to addressed
issues raised earlier in the
day by Modu Sheriff’s
deputy, Dr. Cairo Ojougboh,
where he alleged that PDP
governors have been giving the Caretaker Committee N50
million monthly subvention,
also alleged that the ruling All
Progressives Congress, APC,
has been funding Modu Sheriff
to destabilize the PDP.
On the alleged N50 million
monthly subvention, Prince
Adeyeye said: “This is a lie from
the pit of hell and a very cheap
and unintelligent attempt at
blackmail. It is a known fact
by all critical stakeholders of
the Party and even the staff
that the National Caretaker
Committee has from inception
been hamstrung by inadequate
finance, so much so that simple
secretariat duties have been a
struggle while we have been
unable to pay staff salaries
of just N18 Million a month.
Members of the National
Caretaker Committee do not
enjoy any remuneration. It is a
selfless service.
“It is therefore a figment
of his imagination to say
that the Governors give the
National Caretaker Committee
N50 Million monthly. The
Governors are all alive and
are free to come forward and
declare publicly their level of
contributions to the National
Caretaker Committee since
May 21st 2016.
“Be that as it may, we want to
say that the Party belongs to all
its members – Governors, former
Governors, National Assembly
Members, former National
Assembly Members, Presidents,
former President etc. All of them
are free to make contribution to
its running as it is not a personal
empire of anybody or the
National Caretaker Committee.
“There is therefore nothing
illegal or untoward in receiving
contributions from Party
members. Our only regret is that
these contributions have not
been forthcoming as expected,
giving the heavy weight of
responsibilities placed before
us and especially the burden of
having to deal with distractions
caused by Senator Sheriff and
his cohorts.
“Nevertheless, no matter how
little, it is better to be funded by
our Party members than by the
All Progressive Congress as is
the case with Senator Sheriff and
his cohorts. Dr. Cairo should
tell us which APC Governor,
Minister or official bought Jeeps
for them?
“Governor Fayose has also
made a public allegation that
Senator Sheriff has received the
sum of $1 Million from the APC
to organize a new Convention.
Senator Sheriff is yet to publicly
refute the allegation.

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