NATIONAL Caretaker Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, yesterday denied having any link to the proposed Advance PDP which is believed to have applied to Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, for registration as political party. Speaking through Prince Dayo Adeyeye, the Caretaker Committee said members of PDP have no intention or plans “to abandon the Party structure for the Senator Ali Modu- Sheriff led group.” According to Prince Adeyeye, “We state clearly and without ambiguity that the National Caretaker Committee of the PDP is not in anyway involved in the plans to register any party by the name APDP or any other party for that matter. “It is unthinkable that the National Caretaker Committee which without any doubt, enjoys the support of ALL the recognized Organs of the Party will contemplate such a move. “We however acknowledge and recognize the rights of party members to seek alternative platform to actualize their political dreams which is an inalienable right guaranteed by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
“We also wish to state clearly and without ambiguity that the National Caretaker Committee is holding leadership power in the Party in trust for the millions of Party faithfuls who instituted the Committee at the National Convention. “Whatever decision that will be taken on the PDP brand shall be taken by the owners of the Party, i.e the Party members at a properly constituted National Convention and not by a few individuals no matter how highly placed. “For the records, no decision has been taken that the PDP should be abandoned and a new party formed out of the current structure. At least, no such proposal is before the National Caretaker committee as at this moment. “We reiterate our belief that the issues before the Supreme Court will be resolved on the side of truth and Justice will be served in the interest of peace. “With the “Political Solution”  as the alternative dispute resolution being suggested by some highly placed individuals and groups in the Party, albeit, without prejudice to the Appeal before the Supreme Court, we will like to appeal for calm among all Party members and allow the reconciliation efforts to move forward. “We are confident that Justice will be served at the end either through the Court or through the reconciliation efforts or a combination of both of them.”

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