NATIONAL leadership of the
Peoples Democratic Party, PDP,
yesterday threatened to drag former
Minister of Information, Prof Jerry
Gana, to the Economic and Financial
Crimes Commission, EFCC, for
using the party’s name to obtain a
N500 million bank loan.
Reacting to the demands of a group
called Concerned PDP Stakeholder
led by Prof Gana, the party’s national
chairman, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff
said through his special assistant
(Media), Inuwa Bwala, that Prof
Gana and members of the group
were the people responsible for the
misfortunes of the party.
According to him, several
members of Prof Gana’s groups
squandered the goodwill of the
party and used the platform of PDP
to feather their nest at the expense of
the party.
He declared that Prof Gana used
the name of the PDP to obtain N500
million loan from Skye Bank and
because of his failure to pay the debt,
the bank had dragged PDP to court.
He said: “Certain faceless groups
have come up with different
gimmicks trying to divert attention
from the effects of what they did in
the past leading to the squandering
of the fortunes of the party, or
to distract the attention of the
chairman from pursuing very lofty
and laudable programmes for the
repositioning of the PDP or even just
to cause mischief.
“Unfortunately, among such
groups are self styled elders and
stakeholders led by Professor Jerry
Gana. I have seen him sweating on
television, playing with language,
but at the end of the day saying
“I want to specifically say we
kept sealed lips about some of the
activities of this man believing that
we could still find a rendezvous at
which we could work together for
the progress of the PDP. I must say,
and there are witnesses that this is
one character that attempts to play
role in every government since the
time of the military.
“But given his recent action, I do
not think that there is much in this
man that would help or add value
to the repositioning of the PDP. One
wonders why he is leading such
groups, all self-styled, not known
to the constitution of the PDP. As
baffling as his activities are, we
know that he has his own personal
grudges, likewise those who are
queuing behind him.
“We know the very ignoble roles
that he played that led to the PDP
being defeated in the last election.
These were the same characters that
deceived President Jonathan into
failure. Unfortunately, most of them
still go round to ask the chairman of
one favour or the other and when
the chairman declines they take
offence against him.
“I know as a fact that Jery Gana has
written to the national chairman to
allow him to nominate some people
into certain committees or allow
them perform certain functions for
the party. Whether these requests
were granted or not is immaterial.
But that is perhaps one of the reasons
that he has taken the position against
anything this man does.
“This is the same man who
recognised the national chairman,
writing to him on the need to submit
the report on the finance committee
which he headed. The chairman has
been running away from receiving
that report because it is on record
that the same Jerry Gana on behalf
of the party, without using the
machinery of the party, collected the
sum of N500million from Skye Bank
on behalf of the PDP, for which the
PDP has been dragged to court and
is being compelled to pay back.
“Leaders of thought in this
party, including some elders,
have prevailed on the chairman
not to make this matter known
and to save this man from public
embarrassment. But as it is, the
chairman may be left with no option
than to drag Jerry Gana before the
EFCC to explain his role in obtaining
N500million facility on behalf of the
party and let him also explain what
he has done with the money,” Sheriff