chairmanship aspirant of the
Peoples Democratic Party,
PDP, High Chief Raymond
Dokpesi, yesterday
confessed that PDP was
behind the formation a
new party, the All Peoples
Democratic Aliance (APDA)
as alternative platform at
the heat of its internal crisis.
He told journalists at
press conference in Abuja
on Wednesday that the then
Ahmed Makarfi faction
having been threatened
by the Ali Modu Sheriff
camp, saw the need to get
an alternative platform in
case the Supreme Court
Judgment went against it.
Explaining his roles in
the formation of APDA,
Dokpesi declared:
“I take full responsibility
for the roles I played in the
formation and and funding
of APDA. It was set up as
a plan B for the PDP at the
peak of its internal crisis”
According to Dokpesi,
99% of persons who formed
APDA belonged to the then
Makarfi faction of the PDP.
He further disclosed
that all organs of the PDP
including the Board of
Trustees, Governors’ Forum,
and National Assembly
Caucus were very much
involved in the formation of
“We did not want to
take chances. Our geniune
members were being
deprived opportunity to
contest as Sheriff kept
shutting the door against
them. So there grew the
urgent need for an alternative
platform through which our
ordinary members could run
elections as councillors, and
local government chairmen.
We cannot fold our arms
and simply watch on”
“It was not done by me
alone.All the organs of
the party were part of the
decision to form APDA

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At a point I wrote to all party
governors to tell them that
there is need for members of
the party to know”
He described as shocking

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attempts by some senior PDP
members to use his link to
APDA to blacmail him.
On whether his roles in the
formation and funding of

APDA would adversly affect
his ambition, Dokpesi stated
that court ruling had already
cleared him when it noted that
there nothing on record to link
officially to APGA.
Dokpesi who said his
ambition to be the national
chairman of the PDP remained
strong pointed out that his
trial by the Economic and
Financial Crimes Commission
(EFCC) has no effect on his
aspiration because he has not
been convicted.
He dismissed as untrue,
impression that the position
of the national chairman of
the PDP has been reserved for
the South West Geo-Poilitical
He explained:
“The National Convention
zoned the position of the
national chairman to the South
and zoned the Presidency to
the North. And there is no
micro zoning; the convention
would have said it is zoning
to the South West, but the
convention in its wisdom did

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not do so.