A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Akwa Ibom, Bishop Andrew Uwanta has said that the PDP would hasten in their bid to recover power after the loss it suffered in the last general elections in many parts of the country.
Uwanta told Nigerian Pilot Sunday in Uyo yesterday that the defeat suffered by the party in the Presidential election was a temporary one as the party has resolved to work hard in order to reclaim power from the All Progressive Congress, APC.
“It is a temporary issue and soon, PDP will bounce back; whatever system our Northern brothers used to rig us out we don’t care, but we will work to bounce back soon.
“It is not uncommon because even in the United States, no one party remains in power for very long, today, it is the Democrats and tomorrow it will be the Republicans. We are in democracy and so, power will continue to change hands.
“And since another party is coming on board, it is an opportunity for us to at least compare and so, at any point in time, whichever party comes up with a better and superior policy, will be voted in by the people.
The International President of Akwa Ibom Consolidation Alliance, ACA, also disagreed that the economic and political fortunes of the state would be adversely affected by being in the opposition.
“Being in opposition will not affect the state because other states in the opposition also have survived. Parties may change but the state resources remained there being a federal state.
On insinuations about the political inexperience of the Governor elect of the state, Mr Udom Emmanuel, Uwanta stressed that Udom was accepted based on his capabilities even without apparent political experience.
He however maintained that he would continue with the uncommon transformation of the PDP government in the state, given his successes in the banking sector.
“We know he will surpass the standard already set; because of his pedigree and because the state is in dire need of an investment specialist and expert like him we will support him to excel and improve the welfare of the people.

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