organization, Youth Initiative
for Advocacy Growth and
Advancement(YIAGA) has said
that the deployment of huge security
personnel into Anambra
for Saturday’s governorship
election would boost the confidence
of voters.
This is coming at a time when
some people have cried foul
over the large deployment, saying
that it amounts to over policing
the state and may scare innocent
voters from coming out
to cast their votes freely.
YIAGA, which is one of the
groups accredited for the coverage
of the Anambra governorship
election observers in a press
briefing to unveil pre-election
observations through its project,
Watching-The-Vote said it gathered
that there is high enthusiasm
among electorate, security
and the INEC in the state.
Cynthia Mbamalu, project
manager of Watching-The-Vote
who briefed journalists on the
final pre-election report said
findings shows that there is high
preparation for credible election
in the state, even though there is
need for improvement.
Mbamalu said that, “The latest
in the series of threats by IPOB
coded as ‘vote and die’ in an
open parade with boldness and
no restriction, even after the proscription,
barely a week to election,
makes IPOB a real source
of security threats to the election
that must not be trivialized.
“Assurances by security agencies
only represent necessary

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first steps.
Strategies must be put in place
for the effectiveness and efficiency
of their deployment. Security
agencies are issuing assurances
about their capability and readiness
to provide electoral security.”
Reacting to the huge deployment
of security to the state for
the election, Ezenwa Nwagwu,
one of the officials of YIAGA
said it is to the advantage of
the people and that state that
the federal government was approving
the deployment of huge
security personnel for coverage
of the election.
He said instead of causing
fears among the voters and leading
to voter apathy, the deployment
of security to the state will
rather boost the peoples confidence
to come in and vote for
their choice candidates, during
the station.
“I know that most times, even
before people are sent to some
places, they will ask if there is
enough security to protect them
before they accept to go, so the
people will rather feel confident
with the deployment of security
to the state, knowing that they
are coming to protect us not to
harm us.
“I know a candidate who
has said that if the IPOB threat
works, it will be an opportunity
for him to manipulate the result
and get victory, because whether
people turn up or not, there

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must be election and someone
must be declared. So instead
of Anambra people sitting at
home and having a governor
imposed on them, they should
all come out and ensure they
vote in their choice.
The group which led journalists
around its situation
room, where results and data
emanating from the election
would be collated for interested
persons to source them
added that it had deployed
observers to all the 21 local
government areas of the state.
It commended the political
parties participating in the
election for maintaining peace
and shuning hate speeches so

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