Director of Publicity, Ondo State Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Mr. Ayo Fadaka, has warned youths against joining politics
He urged them to first be educated and be gainfully employed before participating in politics.
His words: “People have so many reasons for going into politics these days. For some, it is to provide service, for some it is to
participate fully in the process while for some it is to search for
the ‘carrot’. If the reason you want to be in politics is not
altruistic, I will advise you not to do it, particularly if you have a name and integrity to protect.
“I sometimes spoke to our youths who were school leavers, some of them wanted to participate in politics, that if you want to participate at the level, there is no future for you. It was Friedrich Engels that said that if a man cannot feed himself, cloth himself and shelter himself, he has no business playing politics, and that is true.
“When you are unemployed and you are playing politics, you can easily destroy yourself, because some people will come and entice you to do the wrong thing.
“So, politics without financial independence or without good education is not politics. I encourage people to go to school, to be well educated, to be financially independent to a level, have something doing. Politics is not a job.
“That is just my opinion. Do not leave secondary school or finish your OND, and immediately say that it is time to play politics. That is certainly not the time for it,” he said.

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