Procter and Gamble, P&G,
a leading consumer product
company, has introduced
an innovative brand of Ariel
detergent, Ariel Automatic, to
improve laundry experience in
The managing Director, P&G
Nigeria, Mr. George Nassar,
said Ariel Automatic was
specifically formulated for
automatic washing machines,
with twice more stain-fighting
ingredients than traditional
hand wash detergent.
“P&G’s flagship laundry
brand, Ariel, a world-class
brand with an innovative
pedigree has introduced Ariel
Automatic powder to help
Nigerians experience brilliant
stain removal in `1 Wash’
with their automatic washing
“Ariel has decades of
experience in the research
and development of washing
machine detergents and the
new product is recommended
by LG, the number one washing
machine manufacturer in
According to him, “Ariel
Automatic has been
specifically formulated for
automatic washing machines,
with `2X’ more stain-fighting’
ingredients than traditional
hand wash detergent.
“Since it was first launched in
Nigeria in 1998, it has become
Nigeria’s number one best
stain removal and number one
choice of laundry detergent in
“One cannot over emphasise
the importance of cleanliness
in our environment, homes,
and personal appearances;
that is why we are encouraged
to wear clean good clothes,’’ he
Similarly, Ariel Research
and Development Manager,
Mrs. Patience Makenga, said,
Ariel automatic is a superior
cleaning and stain-removal
detergent that helps to clean,
protect and enhance fabrics.
She said that the importance
of using the correct detergent
could not be over emphasised

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