PROCTER and Gamble has
increased its investments in Nigeria
by an additional $300million (about
The money was invested on its
manufacturing plant in Agbara
Industrial estate in Ogun State.
The company’s President for
India, Middle East &Africa,
IMEA, Mohammed Samir, said the
company’s commitment to growth and development of Nigeria is reflected in its
continued investment in the country.
Speaking about the employees, the
IMEA President said: “We place much
value on our employees: P&G has a
grow-from-within culture and part of
this is making sure we attract and select
the best talent in the country and groom
them to become leaders in their respective
professions. “Our employees are taken
through extensive training programs
across our global offices and given
remarkable corporate responsibilities
from day one “This commitment has also been
extended to upcoming entrepreneurs
in other parts of the country and I am
proud to inform you that till date, we
have provided jobs for over 5000 direct
and indirect agents in Nigeria.
“A few weeks ago we activated Small
Medium Enterprises development
academy as part of our commitment to
the federal government of Nigeria, by
training over 150 young and upcoming
entrepreneurs on basic business
management skills he quipped On the other hand, George
Nassar, managing director,
P&G, said he was excited to lead
the expansion of P&G through
a stronger local presence in
“Our success in the
manufacturing sector
demonstrates P&G’s value
as a flexible platform for
responding to complex
business challenges and I
fully expect the organization
to become a strategic platform
throughout the Nigerian
market for many years to

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