A Consultant Endocrinologist with the Federal Medical Centre, Gombe, Dr Sule Bathner, has expressed concern over the phobia for insulin injection by diabetic patients.

Speaking in Bauchi on Saturday during the monthly enlightenment meeting of Bauchi State chapter of Diabetes Association of Nigeria, the consultant observed that the phobia had resulted in some patients rejecting the insulin medication or defaulting in treatment.

He said that the insulin treatment was highly reliable, especially in cases where the need for its application had become necessary.

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He explained that during a recent meeting of World Diabetes Congress in India, which he attended, he noticed that most developed countries applied insulin in managing the ailment.

“The problem we have here is that most people believe that once insulin had been prescribed, it means the condition had advanced, and fear sets in immediately.

“”nsulin injection can be recommended and withdrawn when the need arises, just like any other diabetes drug, and not necessarily an indication of advancement in ailment,” he said.

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Bathner also cautioned patients from relying on traditional medicine sellers, especially those claiming to have a permanent cure for the ailment.

“There is no permanent cure for now. Let no one deceive you. If cure had been found, it would have been made public at the meeting of the World Diabetes Congress in India, which I was privileged to attend,” he said.

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The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the meeting of Diabetes Association of Nigeria, Bauchi chapter, takes place first Saturday of every month, with all members in attendance.

During the meeting, medical experts brief patients on the latest development on the management of diabetes, as well as answer questions on grey areas in the management of the ailment. (NAN)