(CNN)The marvels of modern architecture abound around the world. There’s a building that looks like a banknote in Lithuania, a building called the “friendly alien” in Austria, and now, a church shaped like a high-heeled shoe in Taiwan.

The church, a tinted blue glass structure, is 55 feet tall at the top of the heel, and 36 feet wide. Based on that and guessing it’s roughly 75-80 feet from toe to heel, we’ll call it a size 880.

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It’s taken two months to build at a cost of $686,000, according to the BBC.

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The structure has been created by local government officials in Taiwan and will be used primarily for weddings and and photo shoots, but not regular services, the BBC reports.

New York magazine quotes a regional official as saying the completed building will include features like “chairs for lovers, maple leaves, biscuits, and cakes.”

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The design of the glass slipper was inspired by the story of a local woman whose wedding was canceled after legs were amputated, and who lived out her days in a church, according to the BBC