PlAteAu state governor Simon Lalong, has reassured the people of the state of carrying out people friendly policies and would not impose any unfriendly policy on the people of the state . Lalong made this known in a press statement signed by Emmanuel Nanle , his director of Press and public affairs and made available to newsmen while reacting to comment credited to a former house of representative member Hon Bitrus Kaze in which he was quoted to have said that Governor Lalong is Sustaining Governance by Propaganda as reported in a national daily newspaper (Not Nigerian pilot ) on Tuesday The statement reads that “ It is a well known fact that the attempt by the Peoples Democratic Party PDP to get itself out of the woods is repeatedly suffering a set back and that the canker worm of god fatherism, imposition and the total lack of internal democracy, has virally eaten deep into the Political vein of the Party. Ex- Representative Kaze is no doubt yet to recover from the pains of this ailment having lost the election to become the State Chairman of the PDP, and as such is struggling to understand the difference between a popular mandate and the popularity of the candidate” “Governor Lalong is the Governor of Plateau State by popular mandate and Hon. Bitrus Kaze must realize he is a citizen of the State under obligation to respect the Authority that popular mandate has conferred on the Governor; Whether Governor Lalong was a popular candidate before the election or not, he is now the popular Governor governing
with the popular mandate of the people. Politicians like Kaze had better come to terms with this reality.” The statement also reads that “To further imagine that Hon. Bitrus Kaze will make the baseless comment that the Lalong Administration is sustaining governance through propaganda is regrettable. Everyone on the Plateau who has come of age, knows that this is an ego defence mechanism that has characterized the political commentary of people like former Hon. Member within the PDP fold because of their relevance within their political constituencies “ “. The consultative leadership style of Governor Lalong is unrivalled in the modern political history of Plateau State, he has carried every one along across Party lines, religious persuasions and societal strata in major policy decision since his assumption of office “.
“The negative propaganda of the former member has no doubt left him fixated on the issue of grazing when the State under the leadership of Governor Lalong is well resolved on the issue of Ranching as against the vexations issue of grazing. This Governor Lalong knows is what the likes of Hon. Kaze have tried to politically manipulate in their desperate attempt to instigate the peace-loving people on the Plateau against a Government that they worked had to bring into place “. “For the umpteenth time we dare to say politicians like Kaze have failed again, because Plateau people know Governor Lalong is talking Ranching not Grazing Reserve. For all the Governor cares, Hon. Kaze can remain in his state of delirium until he is willing to keep pace with more current issues in National discourse “ he added.

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