Following moves to impeach President Muhammadu Buhari at a close door session on Wednesday, Senator Hamma Misau, representing Bauchi Central Senatorial District has criticized his Colleagues for leaking top secrets to journalists.
Moving a motion through Order 43 of the Senate, 2015 Standing Rules, he said it was a tradition of the Senate that whatever was discussed at a closed-door session must be held back from the prying eyes of journalists, while expressing disappointment that after such session, some Senators would reveal the whole deliberations to journalists.

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Daily Post reports: While displaying copies of some National Dailies, and reading through headlines and sub titles, the pro Saraki Senator advised that lawmaker should have been mature enough to hold confidential issues close to their chest.

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“Mr. President, Distinguished Colleagues, I am holding some copies of the National Dailies here with headlines, ‘Senate plots Impeachment of President Buhari. Why did some of our colleagues disclose issues at close door?, ” he asked.

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Misau who did not deny the impeachment plot questioned why some dailies said himself and two others were those insisting that Buhari must be impeached.

In his response, the Senate President referred the matter to Committee on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions.

  • Dr. Jegede, Ajibade Ebenezer

    Those that are fond of throwing stones should also be ready to recant their ordeals in time to come. Senate representation is not meant to show headiness or being incalcetrant to public outcry against corruption and their perpetrators. If Misan feels he is doing what is right why is he afraid of media report? Why is he condemning others who divulge the information? A notable Ijesha proverb states that you don’t need to appeal to a toddler who is covetous of leprosy disease provided he is able to stay in the bush on his own to attend to its consequences. When you are muting the idea of impeaching Mr. President, don’t you know that the whole issue will become a public issue the moment you utter it? Why are you now shivering and unrestful? You deliberately murdered your sleep hence you should get ready to face the people parliament via the media. In short you have destroyed your career as a politician by ganging against the conscience of Nigerians. Learn to call a spade a spade. Ole, Barawo or Thief in any context of usage means the same everywhere