A man, Damilola Adeyanju, has accused members of the Nigeria Police Force of brutalising him and his friend over their inability to provide receipts for their laptops.

Adeyanju, who narrated his ordeal on his Instagram handle @baggybaggz, said they were travelling to Lagos from Delta, where they had gone for a friend’s wedding, when police officers attached to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad stopped the bus they were in for a stop and search.

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He said, “We all came down and were searched. They then proceeded to our bags where they found a laptop belonging to one of us. They asked for the receipt and the owner told them he’s had it for years and doesn’t have it on him after which they grabbed his phone from him.

Getting to me, I also had my laptop and they requested for the receipt as well, I said I don’t have it on me, then he (SARS guy) called one of his colleagues to take the laptop to their patrol pickup truck and told us to go stand by the truck.”

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Adeyanju alleged that they were arrested and taken to a police station, where they were tortured and their laptops seized.

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  • callistus u owuamanam

    My brother, your case is one out of thousands in that our country.