THE NIGERIA Police Force is established
under section 214 of the 1999 Constitution.
The aim of the establishment is not for the
purpose of business but for protecting the lives
and properties of the citizens. With what is
viewed from the force today, it seem to show
that the main aim of its establishment has been
either rejected, abandoned or forgotten. Maybe
the aim of the force has been changed in the
modern time since it was established in 1930,
who knows?
The abstract believe is that police is the
friend of the people. In fact, the motto of the
police is: ‘’the police are your friends’’. Wait,
whose friend? One doubts the authenticity
and reliability of this motto with the way and
manner the Nigeria Police performs its duty.
The notion of an average Nigerian or almost all
Nigerians is that: police is the greatest enemy of
the Nigerian citizens. They have caused more
evil than good to the good people of Nigeria.
If one is to study corruption in Nigeria,
the Nigerian Police Force should be theleading case-study. On the infringement of
fundamental human rights, the police are
always on top of the list. For convenience,
there is need, therefore, to discuss the two
highlighted issues one after the other.
On the issue of corruption, the Nigeria
Police Force is not left out. The truth is
even that, the synonym of corruption is the
Nigerian Police Force. The whole system
seem to be very corrupt. Even, if corruption is
the ‘volkgiest’ of the Nigerian nation that does
not mean it should eat so deep into the fabric
of the Nigeria Police. When those meant
to fight ‘corruption’ are also very corrupt,
what is expected of such body? To deliver
the expected goods? Never, till Christ come.
What even amazes me the most is that, the
process of recruiting candidates into the force
is corrupt and that is a more reason why the
force is having the serious problem today –
Many of the men who are into the force are
there, not because of the passion they have for
the job, but for the extra gain that comes from
it. Look, if they are to start lynching daylight
robbers in Nigeria, the highway policemen
needs to be lynched first. This is highlighted
not to promote jungle justice but to showcase
how the policemen have been causing harm
to the citizens.
The policemen seem to have metamorphosed
the force to a business concern. There main
aim is no more to do their job but to make
financial profit into their tattered pocket. They
extort vehicles drivers and even give serious
threat on vehicles owners. They delay the
precious time of the people without any good
reason. What they need is just a token of fifty
or hundred naira. In fact, our roads have been
‘’nairalised’’. No naira, no thoroughfare – this
is just a total sorry case!
Whether we believe this or not, that is the
way the Nigerian police operates. To keep
your soul from trouble, one just need to ‘settle’
these men. If not, funny things can happen.
There have been series of cases where police
that are meant to fight criminal activities in
the society are caught involving in the same
ridiculous act. It is no more news to anybody,
it is known to all and sundry. We have heard
news of how policemen cut-short the lives
of those that have refused to bribe them.
Uncountable cases of how the police have
being colliding with criminals; all because of
money. Many a times, criminals have been
operating successfully due to the corruption
spirit in the police. Once they are ‘settled’ they
forget about the main purpose why they are
on duty.
The police stations is the home of corruption
too. No one visits the police station without
dropping something. In fact, to get matter
settled in your favor, the only thing to do is
to be the highest bidder. Where your bid is
lower, even if the case in the real sense is in
your favor, the highest bidder will always be
favored. Virtually all the DPOs are aware of
these corrupt acts – they all share the profit in
their business; and this is the reason why the
police can never be trusted by the common
man. This indicates the fact that the Nigeria
Police Force looks very much like a business
concern with the way things are done.

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