Akwa Ibom State Police Command has arrested two men, Usen Akpan and Friday Akpan for killing one Okon Nana of Ikot Udo Ika, in Ika Local Government Area of the state over land dispute.
Assistant Commissioner of Police, State Criminal Investigation Department, Mike Okoli, made this known while briefing newsmen in Uyo yesterday.
It was learnt that the two relations were quarrelling over land despite efforts by members of the community to mediate through their village head Chief Effiong Paul.
It was said that on the date the village had scheduled for the meeting, Usen, declined to attend that meeting.
He stated that when Nana’s son could not see his father, he reported the incidence to the police station at Ika. The police went into investigation and searched for the missing man.
He explained that on the day of the meeting, Usen claimed that he had to travel to Port Harcourt to raise money for the meeting, but in the midnight before the day of the meeting Usen conspired with other people and broke into the home of Nana and abducted him while he was sleeping with his wife.
According to him, it was later through investigation that the police discovered Nana had been killed. He added that the suspects tied his hands to his back, beat him to death, and buried him in the shallow grave. He noted that the late Nana was a maternal uncle to Usen.
“When I questioned him he claimed he went to Port Harcourt in search of money to enable the people convey the meeting. I told him that I was not satisfied with that explanation that we would go to Port Harcourt to confirm if he had actually travelled to Port Harcourt. When we found out, we discovered that he did not travel to Port Harcourt.
“When he was arrested under interrogation, he owned up, that yes they did the act, they killed this man buried him in a shallow grave.
“We did not stop there, we asked them to take the police to the shallow grave where they buried the man. The man had been declared missing since October 18, 2014. Eventually they took the police detectives to a forest in Ikot Ubo, Ika LGA, where they dug the skeletal parts of the man out of the shallow grave with his hands tied to his back.

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