Former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw was sentenced on Thursday to 263 years in prison, the maximum sentence, having been found guilty of four counts of first-degree rape, among many other charges, including second-degree rape and forcible oral sodomy.

He was charged with 36 crimes that ranged from stalking to rape, and was convicted of 18. All the crimes took place from December 2013 to June 2014.

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Prosecutors told jury members that Holtzclaw picked his victims because they were poor, black and had criminal records, and were therefore unlikely to be believed by police. Thirteen women accused the former officer of sexual assault, and six of those women accused him of rape.

Many of the women said Holtzclaw pulled them over or stopped them to check for drugs or any outstanding warrants before attacking them.

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Police tracked Holtzclaw’s movements via GPS to confirm that he’d been to the homes of the victims and to corroborate other evidence against him.

While Holtzclaw’s defense argued that many of the former officer’s victims were drug addicts with criminal records who were not to be trusted, the prosecution argued that this was exactly why Holtzclaw targeted them to begin with — because he figured no one would care.

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Many observers were also stunned when an all-white jury was selected, even though all of the victims are black. Holtzclaw has a white dad and an Asian mother