RETIRED senior police officers have raised
the alarm over impending danger arising
from the inability of the federal government
to pay them their retirement benefits.
They are officers who retired between
January 2016 after 35 years of service to the
Nigeria Police Force.
The retired officers who are mainly
Assistant Commissioners of Police, ACP, CSP
and ASP who briefed journalists in Abakaliki
alleged that the federal government and
police authority have refused to pay them
their retirement benefits one year after they
left the service.
They painted gory pictures of how life has
been difficult to them since they retired and
disclosed that life had been harsh to them in
the face of obvious harsh economic realities.
Speaking on behalf of the retired police
officers, Nweke Nnadi who retired as a Chief
Superintendent of Police, CSP said they
have lost quite number of their members
who have died as a result of the inability
of the police force to release and pay them
their retirement benefits.
He maintained that after 35 years of active
service to the Nigerian Police Force, they
have been undergoing serous economic
challenges arising from their inability to
financially meet up with their family
“As a result of the continued delay in
payment of our retirement benefits which
includes pension and gratuity, we the
retired police officers have been subjected
to untold hardship. Some of us retired with
paralysis and other ailments that have
incapacitated them to move around to fend
for their families. Some of them have died
off out of frustration and yet, we were
promised brighter future at the end of our
service which we are not seeing today”.
“We are crying to the federal government
and the National Assembly to look into this
unfortunate circumstance we have found
ourselves after putting all to the service of
our father land. It is more disheartening
that almost two years after retirement;
we have not received a kobo from our
contributory pension scheme and it is
really affecting us”
Nnadi called on the Police authority to
quickly come to their aid by releasing their
retirement benefits to save them and their
families from imminent danger including
their children dropping out of schools and

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