Sequel to the recent directive by the Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase, to recruit 10,000 new personnel into the force to beef up security across the nation, the Anambra State Commissioner of Police, Hosea Karma yesterday disclosed that the command is still expecting guidelines for the exercise.
Karma, who briefed newsmen in his office at Amawbia on Wednesday, stated that the exercise had not started, even as he said they were awaiting further instructions from the police high command.
He strongly warned members of the public seeking to apply to be mindful of people going about telling them they could help them to gain employment into the force.
He said, “The public should be wary of anybody going around to convince people he has the power to recruit. Recruitment has not started; the headquarters in Abuja is still working on the modalities to be used.
“If anybody gives money, it is at his own risk; therefore members of the public are warmed. They will be duly informed at the appropriate time.”
Karma also warned against the blowing of sirens by vehicle users, saying they were not authorised to do so.
“All those not authorised to use siren must stop or be arrested and prosecuted,” he said, adding that those covered to use siren were ambulances and the fire brigade who are on emergency services, either conveying a patient to hospital or moving to put off fire incident.”
He disclosed that police had impounded some vehicles using sirens, warning that his men would not shy away from their duty.
He further warned that nobody is authorised to cover his or her vehicle plate numbers at anytime of the day, warning that anybody involved in such illegal act would be treated according to the law.
“Please, you are advised to leave your plate numbers open,” he said.
Karma equally reminded those using policemen as personal security guards the illegality of the act, and directed such officers and men to return to their duty posts or be sanctioned.
He also reminded of the IGP’s directive that no policeman is authorised to collect money from members of the public, even when on stop and search patrol in Anambra State.

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