Police nab 3 kidnappers, rescue 4 victims in Kogi

A recent remark that ‘any policeman checking vehicle particulars is on illegal duty” credited to the Assistant Inspector-General, AIG, of Police in Charge of Zone 11 comprising Oyo, Osun and Ondo States, Mr. Dan Bature cannot come at a better time than now. It is soothing, even as it is also critical, of police unbearable attitude towards the motoring public particularly on the highways as observed by the top police man. Bature said a few days back in Ibadan, during a two-day familiarisation visit to Oyo State, that it was illegal for policemen or any policeman, to check vehicle particulars on the highway as their duty was to ensure safer roads instead of checking vehicle particulars. According to him “any policeman checking vehicle particulars on the highways is on illegal duty”. He however warned policemen against blocking high ways, saying police patrol vehicles were not supposed to be toll gates. Accordingly, the AIG reiterated the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mr. Ibrahim Idris’s commitment to changing the negative image of the police and supporting the anticorruption war of the Federal Government. He warned officers unable to key into the laudable initiatives of the IGP to resign from the force as the public expected a lot from the police. “The Inspector General of Police is determined to improve on your welfare and pursue the increment of your salary, but this can only be achieved when the people have good perception about the police, “Bature said. Indeed this is reassuring, especially the clarification which it offers over what duties and expectation of officers and men on the highway should be, ‘‘stop checking particulars on the highways and ensure safer highways’’, simple. And coming from the top police echelon itself and at this crucial moments where police conduct on the highway is becoming unbearable, it could be that such misdemeanour which regrettably are gliding back to its infamous and ignoble policing days, moments too far from a democratic
and friendly police the IGP and his management team are making efforts to sustain and deliver to Nigerians, this new occurring is unacceptable to the Nigerian motoring public and must be stopped. While it can be comfortably said that at times, it is hell on earth for motorists whether commercial or private, the deliberate and vexed condition most police check points or lock-down as it is now described subject drivers to, again is most unfortunate and unbearable. It often starts with a demand for vehicle particulars, once flagged down, in this case, and upon receipt of the vehicle documents, numerous demands and barrage of needless questions which are very clear and visible on the vehicle documents are put to the unsuspecting vehicle owner so as to get the person confused and demented in order to find a fault, which the consequence is the demand for huge sums of money as bail out before freedom is obtained or secured, often too after a great deal of travel time and the journey’s enthusiasm has been lost. This is the common and usually bad scenario on our highways, every blessed day. Albeit, that it sounds absurd that policemen who ought to protect motorist on the highways, still subject them to more hazards than the criminals they are out there to wade off. This is the time for those saddled with the responsibilities on our highways to desist henceforth from such obnoxious acts that does not stop the security agencies, the police in particular, from doing their work, securing the roads. They should stop suspected vehicles, search them and ask questions, where they are satisfied, allow them and wish them safe journeys. This is the way to do it and not the indiscriminate method of checking vehicle papers and inordinate attitude to defraud the motorists. We salute the call and in turn urge the police management to pay duty allowances to the officers and men, improve their welfare, particularly those who are on the highways and major roads nationwide, so as to quench the appetite of extorting money from motorists.

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