Deputy Senate
President, Ibrahim Mantu,
yesterday in Abuja declared
that the country’s politicians
who were privileged to serve
the nation in various positions,
past and present, have failed the
In an address at the
Commonwealth Day, which was
organised by the Commonwealth
Society of Nigeria to mark the
Day in Nigeria,, Senator Mantu
admitted that the general level
of underdevelopment, insecurity,
corruption and poverty in the
land was a result of the failure
of politicians to deliver the
dividends of democracy to the
people whom they were elected
or brought into office to cater for .
He declared: “We politicians
have sinned against Nigerians
and above all against God
Almighty. We have to ask
Nigerians for forgiveness for our
“All of us who were given
opportunity to rule have let the
nation down. If we do not repent
sincerely there cannot be peace.”
Senator Mantu said as Professor
YusufuObaje stated in his earlier
paper, God Almighty gave the
master key of resources of this
world to the nation, but because
of poor governance , they have
not been utilised appropriately
to improve the lot of the people.
He said the country is blessed
to such an extent that there is
no state in the federation that
does not have one mineral or the
other, including the oil-producing
He said a friend who visited
him from Israel not long ago
literally shed tears on why
God should bless Nigeria with
so much resources , far more
than what He gave “His chosen
Mantu said that his Israelite
had said enviously that “if God
had given them, in Israel, one-
tenth of the land He gave Nigeria,
their country will not be lacking
anything. But see how land and
other resources are being wasted
by Nigerians. This made him
to cry. Only few countries in the
world are as blessed by God as
Nigeria he told me.”
In his key note address titled,
“Positive Change begins with
me”, Prof. YusufuAmehObaje,
who served as the chaplain
at the Presidential Villa,
AsoRock,under former President
OlusegunObasanjo said the
greatest challenge facing the
nation was its inability to manage
the enormous resources placed at
its disposal by God Almighty.
He said metaphorically that
while God gave the key of
resources to Nigerians “in the
midst of heated debate and crisis
of custodianship or ownership
they misplaced the resources’
master key. Since then the search
for the missing key has taken
Sharia police on
Sunday night arrested 120
suspected commercial sex
workers of aged between
12,13 and above at a
popular recreational centre
21 km south of Kano .
The the Sharia police in
a joint operations with
the National Drug Law
Enforcement Agency (
NDLEA), also nabbed 37
boys who are believed to
be drug abusers.
Briefing reporters in his
office Monday, the Director
General, Hisbah board,
Alhaji Abba Saidu Sufi
said that the night raid was
based on a tip off following
reported cases of indecency
in the area by residents.
Sufi said that out of the
120 girls arrested, 20 out of
the figures were underage
whose ages fell within 13,
14, and 17
Sufi revealed that most
of the suspects in its custody were not
first time offender.
The head of the Sharia police said
that initial screening conducted by
the agency exposed that few of those
detained were at the resort for wedding
reception, pointing out that “such class
of suspects had since been released and
handed over to their parents.
The tough talking Sharia police
boss said “most of the boys sporting
offensive hair style have been trimmed
and barbed in line with our tradition
and culture”
He further stated that “we have
37 boys and 79 girls who are mostly
underage and as a matter of urgency
we have invited their parents for pep
The Director General explained that
the body was ready to charge to court
suspects in line with the provision of
“prostitution and other Immoral acts
prohibition law 1000 of 2001”.
The Hisbah top shot revealed that
the Agency has identified some other
black spots where illicit drugs are been
consumed by young boys and girls in
the state, stressing that “we are almost
set to arrest the situation.
their attention .Meanwhile
Gentiles and Jews decided
to capitalise on Nigeria’s
self-inflicted misfortune ,by
reaping from the untapped
wealth of Nigerians for
their own development and
He said in the face
of abundant resources,
“Nigerians are wasting in
poverty, corruption, insecurity
violence, criminality and all
kinds of godlessness..”
He added that even in the
midst of these challenges,
some Nigerians have
succeeded in escaping to
foreign lands in search of
greener pastures, “even
in most unwelcomed
conditions.” Just like Senator
Mantu, Prof. Obaje said the
only option left for recovery
for Nigerians was to return to
God wholeheartedly.
Prof. Obaje further declared
that if there was a time in our
national history “when we
must make up our minds
once and for all, and change
our situation, that moment is