Latest poll results released by NOIPolls Limited revealed that 94 percent voters believed that the March 28 general elections were free, fair and credible.
This belief was maintained by Nigerians regardless of gender, age and geo-political zones.
Also, respondents were generally satisfied with the state of security in their various localities during the elections, as a total of 81 percent of respondents gave a good rating to this regard.
More findings discovered that 84 percent of the respondents who voted in the 2015 elections also voted in the 2011 elections; and a larger proportion of respondents in this category observed that the 2015 elections were excellent compared to the 2011. These results indicated a positive progression in Nigeria’s electoral processes.
From this breakthrough, for further progress in the electoral processes, the first step suggested by the respondents was improving the electoral process in Nigeria to improve the functionality of the card readers which were introduced by INEC in the 2015 general elections to reduce possibility of election fraud.
While commending INEC for this major breakthrough in the history of Nigeria’s elections in the last lap of the race for the governorship and state houses of assembly elections coming up on 11th of this month, there is need for review of the electoral processes to identify hitches which occurred during the general elections, in order to prevent such issues during the next elections. Some of which have been identified in the areas of the card readers, as well as training and punctuality of INEC officials.

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