Ondo State gubernatorial aspirant on the platform of Social Democratic Party, SDP, Pius Dawodu, has identified poor understanding of the economy and lack of sound policy planning as the main reasons why the federal government could not achieve anything of substance in its first year in office.
Dawodu alleged that the present administration concentrated on the fight against corruption and propaganda rather than galvanise its lieutenants to formulate well-thoughtout economic policies that would have rejigged the situation and improved the system.
Dawodu, who disclosed this at SDP’s national secretariat in Abuja, said for instance, the federal government ought to have provided the necessary palliatives before banning the importation of rice and even the recent belated deregulation of the downstream sector.
“There were many fire brigade approaches. Before you ban anything there should be adequate and proper planning, unfortunately, this government lacks that. The same thing happened in the deregulation of the downstream sector. There should have been adequate and well-thoughtout palliatives in place before the deregulation. The government failed to consider the necessary steps and instead embarked on fire brigade approach in the running of the economy, stressing that President Muhammadu Buhari seems to be overwhelmed by the high expectation from the general public.
“There were too much expectations when Buhari came on board and that was why people voted for him massively. The government has failed to capitalise on the goodwill of the people and instead brought more havoc on the already battered people,” he said, but expressed optimism that there is room for improvement.
Dawodu, who wants to govern Ondo State, said Buhari’s government is still grappling with security challenges, power and fuel shortages and needs to design and pursue sound economic policies that would turn around the fortunes of the country.
In respect of his governorship ambition, he declared that Ondo State urgently needs a new person to revamp it from its waste basket status to wealth creation, saying “the lost glory of the state will be brought back under my tenure.”
Though he scored the incumbent governor average based on the physical development structures on ground, he added that a more credible performance could have been achieved and vowed to take over power in November.
“SDP’s chance of winning the November 2016 governorship is 75 percent. We in SPD in Ondo State believe in God and we know that he can give power to whoever he wants.”
He promised free education, improved security and resurrection of agro-allied industries in the state through deliberate provision of viable and virile economic policies that would create the right environment for socio-economic development.

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