Members of the popular music band, ABBA which rocked the airwaves in the 70s and 80s got back together for the first time in years at the opening of a new restaurant themed around the band.
The restaurant, called Mamma Mia-The Party, is the brainchild of Bjorn Ulvaeus, singer-songwriter and former husband of blonde bombshell, Agnetha Faltskog.
The Stockholm restaurant is based on Nico’s Taverna, from the Mamma Mia play and subsequent film, and is expected to tap into the huge fan base the band still has.
Diners will be treated to Greek food, music and dancing.
“This is a story about Nico’s, the guy that owns the taverna that we are in, his staff, wife and daughter,” Ulvaeus said as he arrived for the opening.
“So it is not the Mamma Mia story at all, but it has inspired, it is in the Mamma Mia world. There is a certain party mood in the stage musical, movie and people, at the end of the show, they are very happy, they are standing up in the aisle and they are dancing.
“And the idea was to try to take that with us into a restaurant environment-a Greek restaurant and have a really good party.”
All four former members of the Swedish group were in town for the premiere, but rejected the idea that they would ever perform together.
When asked how it felt to be at an ABBA event, Benny Andersson said: “This is not an ABBA event. It is not, so it doesn’t feel like that. We shall see.”

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