APGA, the ruling party in Anambra state worked for President Jonathan for his re-election, but that nearly did the party in as the PDP leveraged on that to win
all the available seats in the National Assembly. However, APGA waited for the April 11 election to take its pound of flesh by winning 26 of the 30 seats on offer
in the state house of assembly. Though the elections have come and gone, the tales of the election still linger on the lips of the aggrieved and the cheated writes

PRIOR to the presidential
election that was held on March
28, 2015, the All Progressives
Grand Alliance, APGA, had
accepted to wholly support
President Goodluck Jonathan in
his second term ambition. This
pronouncement was buttressed
with actions by throwing rallies
and campaigning vigorously
at all corners in Anambra state
with the platform tagged ‘Join
Jonathan Journey’ JJJ.
These political contributions
by the APGA family were seen
as threat to the champions of
Jonathan campaign network
in People’s Democratic Party,
PDP called Transformation
Ambassadors of Nigeria, TAN.
APGA was accused of
using the opportunity to sell
their candidates by branding
virtually all APGA campaign
vehicles with Jonathan’s picture.
At a time, the party hierarchy
was confronted to desist from
attaching President Jonathan’s
name in their campaign slogans.
But in the course of all these,
APGA was sensitizing mostly
the rural women, men and the
youths to vote only for Jonathan
PDP, while other votes should
go for candidates of APGA for
the national assemblies and
state assembly. Despite all the
efforts made to educate the
APGA faithful how they should
separate the two options,
they were still confused with
the arrangement during the
election, thus found it difficult to
separate Jonathan from others.
Initially, APGA candidates
thought that their support for
Jonathan could usher in civility
and decorum during the election
but the PDP national assembly
candidates proved them wrong.
First, at the twilight of the
campaign in Anambra state,
some of the candiates for
both Senate and House of
Representatives who emerged
through different factions of
the PDP but were stopped to
contest by the courts were all campaigning for the party.
In Anambra Central Senatorial
district, the hotbed of Anambra
elections, there were three tough
contenders from different parties
during the last election. They
include Sir Victor Umeh of APGA,
Iyom Uche Ekwunife of PDP and
Dr. Chris Ngige of All Progressives
Congress, APC.
Though, during the
electioneering campaigns, Chris
Ngige, the incumbent senator
representing Anambra Central
zone wasn’t so disposed with his
usual market campaign shows
rather, he capitalized on Radio/
TV jingles.
At this point, Ekwunife and
Umeh were sharing fields,
moving around all the nooks and
crannies, canvassing for votes.
Suddenly, all other aspirants in
PDP who purportedly did not
succeed in the primaries and
whose cases are still pending in
the courts joined forces against
Umeh, campaigning aggressively,
asking the electorate to vote for
This was seen as a combined
effort to frustrate the big forces in
other parties particularly APGA
and anyone that
emerges winner, his
or her stay in the
hallowed chambers
will be determined
by the outcome of
the suits in courts.
Nevertheless, the
senatorial election
has come and gone
but has left different
tales on the lips of
both the contestants
and the aggrieved
party members.
For the senatorial
candidate of APGA,
Sir Victor Umeh,
he was baffled
not only about the
manner the election
was conducted but
the intimidations,
brutality and
desperation that
pervaded the entire exercise.
Umeh accused Ekwunife of
rigging the election with the help of
soldiers and policemen who kept
terrorizing the senatorial district
by giving corporal punishment
to perceived resistant opposition
According to him, “the biggest
shock I received was that the PDP
candidate in Anambra Central had
been declared winner with 101,548
while I was said to have polled
77, 129. Those declarations and
figures were concocted in the night
at various centres for the purpose
of quickly announcing PDP
candidates the winners without
any build-up process from ward
collation to local government
collation and constituency
“I use this opportunity to
condemn what happened in
Anambra state, the state has been
the guinea pig where PDP test
their vaccines of fraud in Nigeria.
It is very wicked and irresponsible
for a political party to be doing
all kinds of undemocratic things
anytime we come for elections in
the state.
“We are going to the election tribunal to challenge these
declarations and we are certain
that we will recover our victories
from the courts because the fraud
they unleashed on us cannot
withstand any pressure at the
“The results that were
announced have no relationship
with the polling booth results
generated during the exercise
. We therefore reject the results
of National Assembly election
declared by INEC.”
In a swift reaction to these
claims by the senator-elect, Uche
Ekwunife, she said that she won
the election and that she was
elected by the people due to the
thrust and confidence they have
on her.
“Umeh lost the election and he
knew it and the best thing for him
is to accept defeat. I am ready to
win him one million times.
“Umeh is responsible for
his problem because he was
busy castigating me instead of
campaigning. While he was busy
doing that, I was busy campaigning
and as he has decided to go to
court, I have all the results from
the polling units and that is what
he will likely present.”
To this end, Umeh filed his
election petition to the National
Assembly Tribunal sitting in
Awka during the weekend,
challenging the declaration of
the PDP candidate, Mrs. Uche
Ekwunife as the senator-elect for
the Anambra Central Senatorial
zone by the INEC.
Umeh explained that one of
the reasons he is contesting the
election in the tribunal was not to
disappoint the voters who voted
for him on that election day and
most of them have inundated
him with calls and personal
visits, since after the election
in which he said his opponent
was fraudulently declared the
In the build up to the election,
it was widely believed that most
of the Anambra PDP chieftains that arrived the state during
the elections came purposely
to deliver President Jonathan
by working toward garnering
more votes for him, however,
from all that transpired, it was
as if they came to give APGA
the last sedative toxin that
could liquidate the party.
APGA members in the state
accuse the immediate past
governor of the state, Mr. Peter
Obi of masterminding the
political misfortune that Umeh
is suffering now as they allege
that he made sure that Umeh
never came out victorious in
the election.
For instance, he was said
to have guided his populous
community, Agulu, to
produce Ekwunife while
Engr. Arthur Eze, an oil mogul
was at his country home,
Ukpor in Dunukofia local
council determining who
should represent the federal
constituency from PDP.
APGA’s eyes opened after
the March 28 election. This
then spurred the governor,
Chief Willie Obiano to action
to put up a fight of his life and
resist PDP’s onslaught during
the April 11 state house of
assembly election. Governor
Obiano knew that if PDP
managed to win majority
in the House of Assembly,
his impeachment could be a
matter of the decision of PDP
chieftains in the state.
Also, there was speculation
that PDP was preparing the
former Minister of Aviation and
senator-elect from Anambra
North senatorial zone, Stella
Oduah, to be the next governor
if party secured majority in the
At this point, Governor
Obiano turned into a provoked
bull and decided to go for the
jugulars. During the April 11
state assembly elections, APGA
secured 26 seats out of the 30
seats in the House of Assembly.

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