As far as a Kogi state governorship aspirant, Alhaji Haliru Sani Shuaibu is concerned, the issue of over concentration of power in the Igala speaking part of Kogi state should not be blamed for the backwardness of the state.
Speaking to reporters in Abuja at the weekend, he said it was incumbent on the citizenry in the state to vote into power persons imbued with the exposure and competence that can rescue the state from the pitiable state it has found itself over the years.
Shuaibu who hails from the Igala speaking part of Kogi State particularly blamed successive Peoples Democratic Party, ( PDP) led administrations in the state for the backwardness of the state.
According to him, “Kogi state is backward today not because it doesn’t have the right calibre of persons to take it out of the woods. I have heard a section of our citizenry say the problem lies with power shift; that the state is backward because my Igala people have been administering it without tangible results for all to see.
“I beg to differ on this proposition. For me, such talks is a creation of the ruling PDP. The PDP has a hand in the backwardness of the state because for the past 12 years, it produced the governors that brought the state to its knees. It mismanaged the state in spite the huge resources at its disposal with those saddled with the responsibility of administering the state. The power shift mantra belongs to the PDP.
“For progressives like us in the APC, the problem of Kogi is not power shift.
Kogi’s problems revolve around getting the right persons that can do the job. It doesn’t matter where the person is coming from. It is about who can take the state to the next level and this explains why I am in the race. I have the wherewithal to bring smiles to the faces of our people who have suffered immensely from years of neglect and poor governance.”
Shuaibu remarked that it was unfortunate that of the 27 mineral resources in the state, the state were only able to explore only two of the abundant mineral resources.
Promising to transform the state within six months if voted into power, he revealed that his blueprint to transform the state will be focused on social security, human development, creation of jobs, and agricultural development.
So far, the APC has earned about N137.5m from 27 contenders that indicated interest for the plum job within the past 10 days.

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