Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN, has said that generation of electricity into the National Grid is steadily improving to over 4000MW levels with improvement in fuel supply.
A statement yesterday by TCN signed General Manager Public Affairs, Seun Olagunju, said that currently transmitting over 4000MW on regular basis for consumption by electricity distribution companies nationwide.
The statement also refuted the allegation by Abuja Electricity Distribution Company, AEDC, published in some newspapers that the National Grid had suffered series of system collapses recently as misleading since there has been no such system collapses and AEDC was never restricted to power levels below its allocation.
According to Mrs Olagunju, it is public knowledge that the frequency of system collapses has been going down drastically following several equipment and infrastructure upgrade by TCN besides aggressive capacity building of the system operators.
In 2013, there were 22 instances of system collapses and in 2014, this was drastically brought down to only nine This year, the transmission grid has experienced only four system collapses out of which two in May is attributable to extremely low generation of around 1400MW due to gas supply shortages.
In fact majority of these collapses are due to shortages in gas supply which creates serious load/generation imbalance. But there is a serious effort ongoing to reduce these collapses.
The statement further informed that System Operations, TCN, has secured spinning reserve contracts of 295 MW, to provide stability and cushion the system in an event of sudden load/generation changeover.
TCN affirms that it will continue to work at enhancing the transmission capacity and reliability of the national grid in order to provide improved and sustainable power delivery to the discos.

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