A COALITION of human rights groups in Nigeria, under the aegis of Centre for Human Rights and Social Justice, CHRSJ, has warned that the men of Nigeria Armed Forces may be tempted struck again, ifthe present political leaders in the country allow unnecessary and avoidable tension in the polity to continue unabated. In a press statement made available to the Nigerian Pilot, the group describing the ongoing face-off between the Presidency and the leadership of the National Assembly as bad omen for development and growth of the country which might derail the survival of nation’s democracy. The groups said through the CHRSJ’s Executive Chairman, Comrade Adeniyi,Alimi Sulaiman, after an emergency meeting of the Coalition on the “State of the Nation” in respect of present tension in the polity,that “instead of Presidency and National Assembly to put energy on how to ameliorate the suffering of Nigeria masses , the both arms of government are now rekindle their energy on who gets what position in the current political system”. They maintained that the socio-political and economic problems bedeviling the country presently called for serious external intervention of well meaning Nigerians, predicted that there might be end to democracy in Nigeria, if the current crop of political leaders were not trend softly and it would be disastrous for current hard earned democratic experiment to collapse mid- way. According to the group, “If Military takes over the reign of power today, may God forbid bad occurrence. We are very sure that nobody will fight for the restoration of democracy back to the land again because pro-democracy groups and activists have been polarized already by the political class. “Military men are not sleeping but keenly watch thepolitical development of the country. Although, Military in government may not be fashionable again but the country political circumstances may make it fashionable again. By now, President Buhari should face governance by stopping unnecessary fight with other arms of government. Nigeria masses are yearning for good governance not excuses and brawl within the system. “Presently, Buhari is driving the country democracy to the brick of collapse with the avoidable political tension orchestrated by presidency and its agents. National Assembly should be left alone to choose their leader because democracy is a game of numbers andcalculations. “By every standard today, Nigeria political leaders arewriting letter for Military intervention as a result of current development in the polity that may derail our hard earned democracy. If Military men say ‘Fellow Nigerian’ today, nobody will resist”. The groups also described the ongoing political crisis in Abia State as an abused of judicial process and self serving to create unnecessary political tension in the Eastern part of the country, saying that it was a grand plan of the ruling party to entrench one- party state inthe country. They further added that the Independent National Electoral Commission, NEC, acted within the ambit of the ruling of Justice Okon Abang of the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja but too in haste to issue theCertificate of Returns to Mr. Uche Ogar when they knew that no lower Court has final power to remove anybody from office because Supreme Court was a final arbiter in any matter. The group also called on the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) Justice Mahmud Mohammed to investigate all the political cases going on in the land, particularly, the Abia State saga, insisting that Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu still remain the Governor of Abia State until the finalarbiter, the Supreme Court made otherwise pronouncement on the matter.

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