The price of cooking gas has dropped in Asaba, a market survey by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) has shown.

The survey showed that the cost of refilling a 6-kilogramme cylinder dropped from N2, 000 to N1, 800.

The cost of refilling a 5-kilogramme cylinder of gas has also fallen from N1, 800 to N1600, while it takes N3, 800 to refill a 12.5-kilogramme cylinder of gas instead of N4, 000.

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NAN reports that a 10-kilogramme cylinder of cooking gas which was sold for N3, 800 now sells for N3, 600 while 3-kilogramme of the commodity, earlier sold for N1, 200, is now N1000.

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Mr Emmanuel Emeka, a staff of Superbet Gas Plant, attributed the fall in price to availability of the product and drop in the cost price.

Mrs Nina Emordi, a customer, expressed satisfaction with the slight price fall and said that the product should be made available so as to, at least, maintain the current price.

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She also appealed to government to ensure that the price of the commodity reduced in due course to lessen the financial burden of those cooking with gas.