By Irene Fowler

THE WORLD seems to be caught up
in a slow motion made for television
show which is part burlesque and part
horror, as we continue to be privy to
the escalating chaos and divisiveness of
the Trump Administration in the United
States of America. The problem is that
the sequence of events has ceased to
engender laughter and wry smiles, but
is instead causing consternation, deep
unease and fear of the present and future.
President Donald Trump received most of
the votes of white evangelical Christians
in the 2016 US presidential election and it
is estimated that their support sealed his
As a staunch Christian, I believe it
would be apropos to look at a biblical
example of leadership in the account of
Joseph, whose divine purpose caused
him to achieve stupendous political
power and prominence in ancient Egypt
as Pharaoh’s second-in-command after a
series of spectacular events. Amazingly,
prior to his appointment, Joseph was
the victim of a trumped-up charge and
had been imprisoned. He underwent
a revolutionary change in attire from a
shameful, lowly and nondescript prison
uniform to majestic, princely apparel.
We are led to believe that he was a
successful ruler, which indicates that he
also experienced a profound paradigm
shift in his general attitude. President

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