A Bauchi based lawyer, Barrister Samaila Idris has faulted the action of 83 Senators that passed Vote of Confidence on the embattled Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki.
He expressed his displeasure while speaking with journalists in Bauchi where he said such senators deserve to be recalled for contempt of court.
He faulted the action of the 83 Senators arguing that they do not have right to do so when the case is pending before the law court.
“The 83 senators that passed vote of confidence on Saraki deserve public sanction because they disrespect the authority of the court. There act is nothing but contempt of court. It’s totally contemptuous because this matter is pending before the court, “ he said.
The legal practitioner explained that Senator Saraki once found guilty after trial, he can’t remain the Senate President.
“So will an ex-convict be a Senate President? So their act regarding the Vote of Confidence is contemptuous because there are court proceedings that they are supposed to obey. These Senators deserve to be recalled back by their respective constituents for such actions, “ he added
On why Saraki was investigated by the Code of Conduct Bureau before he controversially emerged the Senate President, Barrister Idris said legally, criminal offenses were not statue bared, “so if Saraki made false declaration some years ago that should not stop the institution for prosecuting him,” saying there are offenses you could commit 10 to 20 years ago, yet you can still be prosecuted.
“We are not actually looking at the content of the charges against Saraki, that one is left for the lawyers to argue in court, what Nigerians are concerned with is his refusal to comply with the demand of the court. As the leader of the law making body of the country, people expect him to have shown exemplary leadership by obeying the court order, but it was wrong for him to have flouted the order of the court,” he concluded.