Former senator representing Benue North senatorial district, Senator Joseph Waku yesterday told President Muhammadu Buhari to probe former President Olusegun Obasanjo or forget the fight against corruption.
He observed that if President Buhari failed to include Obasanjo in his probing of past administrations then he had not done anything yet as far as corruption was concerned.
Waku stated this while speaking to newsmen during the Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF, Annual General Assembly meeting held in Kaduna yesterday.
He said President Buhari must probe Obasanjo because he introduced corruption in Nigeria.
According to him, “Nobody has come to me to report a government functionary in corrupt practices; so I cannot make much comment on that. I am 70 years old now and have been in this game for more than 50 years. I told Mr President that this corruption probe of past regimes, if you don’t probe Obasanjo, then you haven’t done anything yet. Corruption in Nigeria was introduced by Obasanjo.”
On the economy of the country, he said Nigerians should be mindful that the planned to put a legacy that would live on even after him.
“This government inherited already battered economy as a political party. But I make bold to say to those who care to know that APC did not win that election but Buhari did. Therefore, if Nigerians are tired of Buhari it is dangerous because APC as a political party did not but Buhari won the election; take it or leave it. So if Buhari fails to do what he is supposed to do, first Nigerians will be disappointed in him. Two, the party that brought him to power may no longer get vote from Nigerians. But again, Nigerians must also be mindful of the fact that Buhari wants to establish a system that will continue to remain after him. He knows this country so thorough.
“He is he probing people from PDP because they battered this economy for the past 16 years. They had the opportunity to do well but they failed. I will not deny the fact that I was part of PDP; I left PDP for a minority party as a matter of principle. By the time we brought PDP as a party, it was not ‘People Destroying Nigeria.’ We found out that the party was no longer working as it was founded and that is why some of us that left did so,” he said.
On the presidential system of government being practised in Nigeria, Waku said the country was not yet ripe for it.
“We have a culture that takes care of segments which by implication is promoting unnecessary expenses and the presidential system of government is very expensive and Nigeria is not ripe for that system.
“I am suggesting that we can still practise presidential government in Nigeria but we have to minimise our culture to suit our own reality,” Waku said.

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