THE COUNTRY Nigeria and the way things are done leave no one, especially outsiders wondering what kind of people are we. On a daily basis the country and its leadership court controversies and they are deeply enmeshed in them. The ‘Change’ government of President Muhammad Buhari which the people’s confidence initially resides now exudes disbelief and despair. This is the way we are, ceremonial and an unserious society. In Nigeria, top government officials make unsavory public remarks; government institutions organize government activities in dismissive manner. These unfortunately erodes day after day public and citizen trusts on the President and his appointees. Two recent issues again put the Buhari administration on the wrong side of history and scale of democracy scrutiny. One is the distasteful comment credited to Information Minister, Alhaji Lai Mohammed that news papers editorials cannot remove a sitting government. One wonders if newspapers editorial comments were ever tailored towards sacking governments. Newspapers comments, editorials are usually in-house opinions of a newspaper or media outfit on issue or issues shared with its readers, members of the public and with a stand on the issue. Where an editorial needs to sit a government tight or ask for the replacement of an administration over misdemeanors, bad governance, it does so and has not declined or hesitated to recommend such. That’s the way it has been and it is still the same practice in the media world. Even though one wonders why such commentary would emanate from an information manager of government, it is a known fact that this government truly relishes only on propaganda. So diminishing or wishing the import of an editorial away, is not only unfortunate but further tells of the cant instinct of the Buhari administration. Expectedly known for half truths, especially during the All Progressives Congress, APC’s scramble to rule the country, the same attitude has so far manifested in the attempt by the information minister to shield Buhari’s inability to deliver to the people. True as it is, no one wants to pull this administration down with an editorial, perhaps if those are Alhaji Mohammed’s fears. But it is sacrosanct that as an honest role of the media, it must continue to shape opinions and put governments on their toes. This is a cardinal objective of the mass media, no more, no less. Albeit this conundrum: Lai Mohammed’s sad commentary on the media, is the current hullabaloo about Senate’s rejection of Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu. As it were the Senate refusal to clear Magu, following a damning security report is creating a new argument which ought not to be. The fuss has turned into a national conversation of great magnitude as it presently does. But while Senate insists it is done with the man Magu and communicated same to President Buhari, his kinsman and leader of the red chambers, Ali Mohammed Ndume is spear heading a one – man show of ‘ ‘’Senate Must Clear Magu’’. This is unfortunate, absurd and condemnable notwithstanding reports credited to Senate spokesman, Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullai that there was no going back on Magu’s rejection. In truth, if there is one man who
ought to know about parliamentary procedures, it is Ali Ndume but it is the reverse as his present (Ndume’s) act betrays his exalted position as ‘LEADER’ of the Senate as well as his oath of office as Senator of the federal republic. And coming against this misnomer, the Senate Leader must obey parliamentary and Senate resolution no matter how well placed he is at the Senate and corridors of Aso Rock. He must not over heat the polity through ethnic and religious sentiments which he is menacingly entrenched as this may in turn create confusion and mislead Nigerians and Mr. President over Magu’s nomination and clearance as substantive EFCC boss. If the Senate of 109 lots which he is just one member has decided he should honestly abide by that decision and stop cutting corners and engaging in media hype over Magu. In Nigeria today, there are credible security operatives within the system that can do the EFCC job far better than what the current holder may have done. What such person needs is the opportunity, the support and right tools to serve and deliver. Similarly the DSS must not compound Magu’s problems beyond the ignoble act of Senator Ali Ndumhe by double speak. The state service must be circumspect in its actions such that it cannot be seeing or heard blowing both hot and cold at the same time. It cannot in one breath furnish the Senate with the alleged corruption report that nailed Magu and in the same vein give another account exonerating and asking that he be given another chance. There are no second chance in corruption case, if there is anything like ‘second chance’, it should be in the courts during prosecution. Bad enough, the DSS ought to know that its second leg of report is damning, self indicting and double standard. It glaringly shows that something untoward is fishing and puts a whole lot of integrity test on the agency. Why will the DSS produce a second report seeking a window of escape for Magu? This latest move not only casts aspersion on the agency but further portrays it as unserious, biased, and easily swayed as presently discerned by the Nigerian public. In corruption matters, there are no sacred cows for which a second chance is prearranged. If anyone is proven to be corrupt, he or she should be prosecuted like it has shown in this case. If the EFCC boss is proven to be allegedly corrupt and cannot hold that office so be it, he should be docked. Let him face the music and stop further controversies. Viewed against these backgrounds, the Lai Mohammed’s editorial jibe and Magu’s rejection, we challenge the Buhari administration to be up and doing in classical governance style such that he puts an end to propaganda and steps up efforts to deliver on his promises while also not being selective in the corruption fight. Sincerely If there is actually what have become the Magu excesses or baggage, there are other men of honor that can replace him and fight the corruption war as head of the EFCC with integrity. So the President must not waste precious time analyzing more security reports and getting more confused, sentimental and political about the issue. If Ibrahim Mustafa Magu must go and a replacement made, the time is now. The time to begin the search for EFCC Mr. Integrity is rather now and not later.


  • muazu wali

    You are completely out of touch. What led to President Nixons resignation, the media. Why did IBB step aside, the media!
    The Chairman of the committee Senator David Umar said the Senate did not reject Mangu because the process of confirmation was not completed. The full Senate did see the report neither was the conformation discussed at plenary!