Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) under the leadership of Amaju Pinnick claimed in a statement signed by Ademola Olajire that she “has swiftly moved to file an appeal, a motion to vacate the order and a motion for a stay-of-execution against the judgement of the Jos High Court, which on Friday decided to re-list a case brought by Ambassador Chris Giwa” has been described as another fraud.
Former First Vice Chairman of the NFF, Chief Victor Rumson Baribote in a reaction said, “these are not Nigerians of the 70s who can be blinded with propaganda. I want the people to know that all these lies and propaganda will not amount to anything in court or change the realities of the Orders of the court.
According to the proprietor of Nembe City FC, “they will need the court to compile the records of the court, which can take about a week before an Appeal can be filed. Two, the court gave declaratory Orders which has to be carried out before an appeal can be undertaken. So, let them obey the Orders and proceed on Appeal from outside the NFF.”
The Pinnick release added, “in re-listing the case for hearing on 30th May this year, the court shockingly also restored the order that the election and Congress of 30th September 2014 be nullified.
“However, since an appeal, a motion to vacate the order and a stay-of-execution has been filed, on the same day as the judgement, the status quo remains.
“This is a sad one primarily because we have enjoyed a period of peace and have been able to work without the court-today-court-tomorrow situation of the last half of 2014.
“We have filed for stay-of-execution and that means the status quo remains and anything done is done at the actors’ peril. I can assure football-loving Nigerians that there is no reason to panic as we are in full charge and there is no trouble whatsoever. There is no order for the Giwa group to take over the Glass House. In fact many of his so called board members have called to dissociate themselves from the matter,” NFF 1st Vice President Seyi Akinwunmi said on Friday.
It would be recalled that the Ambassador Giwa led group had gone to court and withdrawn the case in October 2014, but then later went to the Court of Arbitration for Sports, which threw out their case.
Chief Baribote, who was a former Chairman of league and a strong pillar of the Giwa group added, “where and when did they undertook all these legal processes? They forgot to tell us which court have they appealed to and who granted the stay of execution. This is another fraud. One simple question is, have they gotten the court records of the Federal High Court to file an Appeal? Have they gotten it?
“Nigerians are too smart for these pedestrian gimmicks. This cannot save them. They should first go and obey the order of that court as granted while they work the web to go on appeal. The best thing would have been that ‘we will appeal’ and not that ‘we have appealed’.
“In their statement, they admitted that the Federal High Court ‘shockingly also restored the order that the election and Congress of 30th September 2014 be nullified.’ What does that mean to them? I think they need a trained lawyer to interpret that to them. We (the Giwa group) have taken the mantle of NFF leadership since Friday as ordered by the court.”

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