Some civil society organizations yesterday in Benin City, Edo State urged members of the international community to as a matter of urgency stop President Mohammadu Buhari in their countries so he can stay at home and address serious national issues.
The groups under the aegis of Talakawa Parliament Returnees Foundation and Traders Welfare Union of Nigeria lamented the lingering economic crunch that has bedevilled the country, bringing untold hardship on her citizens.
Leaders of the civil society groups who led the peaceful protest in Benin included president of Talakawa Parliament as well as Returnee Foundation and Traders Welfare Union of Nigeria, Kola Edokapyi and Solomom Okoduwa.
They said it was out of place and painful to see the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and president touring countries of the world without realising the poverty, hunger and unemployment Nigerians were faced with, coupled with the fuel scarcity situation that had continued to bite harder in the last four months.
The groups, which brandished various placards with inscriptions as ‘End Fuel Scarcity Now,’ ‘Kill Corruption, Don’t Kill Nigerians,’ and ‘President Buhari Must Stop the Frequent Foreign Trips,’ decried the untold hardship the country’s citizens were faced with, calling for his resignation from office if he failed to address the plights of Nigerians.
The groups said there was the urgent need to rescue Nigerians from the hardship and plight faced they are facing in the country following the scarcity of fuel nationwide.
The groups added that the product is now sold at exorbitant price across the country for between the N250 and N400 per litre in filling stations, giving the impression that the present administration under President Buhari lacked the capacity to govern the country.
Describing the pains and burden the fuel scarcity has inflicted Nigerians with, the groups noted that Nigerians now sleep in fuel stations for two or more days to purchase petrol, a situation which they frowned at and called on President Buhari to address urgently by ensuring that black marketers were eliminated in the oil sector.
Okoduwa also urged the president to fulfil his campaign promises to Nigerians, saying the citizens were running out of patience with the protracted fuel scarcity.
“How long shall we continue to suffer fuel scarcity? It’s been over four months Nigerians are made to buy petrol at prices of N250 and N400 per litre. We must rise up to fight against bad governance. Today, Nigerians pay for NEPA and what we get is darkness. The president must desist from his too many foreign trips and come back home to plan the country.
“The foreign envoys should stop our president from going overseas for meetings and focus on the problems of Nigerians back home,” Okoduwa said.
For his part, Edokpayi, who expressed dissatisfaction with the way and manner the present government has neglected Nigerians to hunger, poverty and unemployment, said “it is crystal clear, lucid and pellucid that things have fallen apart in the country called Nigeria, as the centre can no longer hold.”
He noted that the youths of the country were leaving the country in droves to other countries in search of greener pasture.
“Our youths are leaving the country on a daily basis; they prefer to relocate to Libya to die while trying to travel to Italy than to live in Nigeria.”
He also noted that the APC federal government had so far failed Nigerians as not much had been achieved since President Buhari’s government came into office 11 months ago.

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