Top Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) official, Emeka Inyama, disclosed that Puma has turned down the chance to kit three-time African champions Super Eagles.
“Puma turned down the chance to sponsor the Eagles and so it is the right step in the right direction that Nike came in after the Adidas contract ended,” said Inyama, who is the NFF marketing committee chairman.
“Puma’s reluctance may not be farfetched because no reputable organisation wants to partner with you when your administration is not stable. You know the crisis we went through before now, the world is a global village and these things are known worldwide.”
Inyama also disclosed that the three-and-half year deal with Nike is 90% value in kind.
The Nigeria Football Federation have already revealed that Nike would invest $2.75m in kit supply to all of the country’s national teams for the period of the contract.
“You know that contractual agreements are not discussed in public but for the sake of Nigerians and the clear insinuations that the NFF may be hiding the amount it would benefit from the deal, I can tell you that the contract with Nike is 90% value for kind,” Inyama further said.
“We are going to get kit supplies to the region of $2.75 million for all the national teams and I think that is enormous considering the fact that several kit manufacturers turned us down after adidas decided not to renew its contract.
“There may be no immediate cash reward from the contract but as our national teams would get to benefit once they qualify for major tournaments.”
The Super Eagles, according to the NFF, would earn as much as $500,000 should they qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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