Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic affairs, NSCIA, yesterday urged Muslims to promote peace and good neighbourliness anywhere they find themselves in the country as enshrined in the Holy Qu’ran.
The vice president of NSCIA, Anambra state Chapter, Alhaji Dauda Ajagu, made the urge in Onitsha, while speaking on the lessons of the Holy month of Ramadan. Ajagu maintained that Islam is a religion founded on peace and orderliness, adding that those that take to violence without a cause were not following the rightful teachings.
“In our environment in Nigeria, you can see that he closest neighbour to a Muslim is usually a Christian and for the Christian, a Muslim. So, why can’t we live in peace and promote those things that bind us together as humans and a nation”, he stated.
“Let us remember that the Holy Qu’ran admonishes us to live in peace and conduct ourselves in a way to bring and sustain existing peace in our communities and society at large,” Ajagu said.

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