Correspondent of the New Telegraph Newspapers in Oyo State, Sola Adeyemo yesterday escaped death by the whiskers as a result of beating he suffered from irate students of the University of Ibadan, who were protesting the death of a colleague, Mayowa Alaran.
Adeyemo was severely beaten and his clothes torn by the students who objected the journalist’s attempt to cover their protest.
The deceased, Mayowa, a 200 level student of Kinetics Department, was said to have been watching football at Independence Hall of the institution when he had asthmatic attack and rushed to Jaja Clinic in the school, where he later died.
The protesting students had alleged that Mayowa died as a result of negligence on the part of the clinic management.
The protest caused a very long traffic gridlock till about 9am when the reporter got to the scene.
Adeyemo attempted to take the photograph of a university official who was addressing the students when his BlackBerry Z3 phone was seized by some irate students.
He was attacked despite that he identified himself as a journalist performing his legitimate duty.
In the process, an elderly police officer intervened and interrogated the reporter.
According to him, “It was an official of the university who was addressing the students that I wanted to capture. I was told he is the Dean of Students. The students turned deaf ear to my explanation asking me to delete the picture I took. I told them I had not even taken the photograph and that it was to adequately present their protest before the public. They attempted to seize my Black Berry Z3 phone but I did not release it to them. One of them said if I should publish the photo the school management would know that they barricaded the road.
“An elderly policeman was asking for my mission and told him I am a journalist; but in the course of explaining the students started beating me, hitting me with blows on my head. One was pulling my shirt from behind while another was pulling my pair of trousers till the belt snapped and the trousers went down. While beating me, a younger fair complexioned police man insisted on collecting my phone and I handed it over to him. He had the tag ‘Oladepo Ebenezer’ on his uniform. I released the phone to him believing that it was safer with him than with the irate students.
“The elderly police man tried to whisk me out of the place while some students were still beating and rough-handling me. Two of the students shepherded me away as I wangled my way in the traffic to a safer place.
“I later called Mr Mohammed Oladejo, the director of communication of the university to complain to him and he directed I should lodge the complaint with the security men at the institution’s gate. Having told them and described the identity of the policeman, the security boss there went to meet the policemen but later came back and told me that the policeman whom I gave the phone to said that the students had collected it from him.”

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