KELECHI Iheanacho has
claimed that being compared
to Manchester United
prodigy Marcus Rashford
acts as motivation for him to
become a better player.
The Manchester City
forward was one of the stars
of the 2015-16 campaign,
with the 19-year-old one of
European football’s most
prolific strikers in terms of
goals per minute – leading
to many mentioning him in
the same breath as the Red
Devils’ whiz.
A string of impressive
performances has seen
Iheanacho become a popular
figure at Etihad Stadium, but
feels the appraisals would
make him a better player.
“I love a challenge so when
people compare me and
Rashford, it gives me more
confidence and motivation.
It also makes me work
even harder,” he told club
“I hope people keep
comparing us because if we
can keep challenging each
other in the coming years it
could be great for Manchester.
If we both keep doing well,
improving and scoring lots of
goals for the team it could be
“Rashford is a great young
talent. He is big and strong
and makes good decisions so I
think he’s going to be a really
good player for United in the
coming years.
“You can learn from every
player so I’ve learned from
Rashford as well this season
and I wish him all the best in
his career.
“Like all young players
coming through for their clubs
in this country, I hope they do
well and continue to do well.
Nobody knows what will
happen in the future though.
“I don’t know anyone who
is playing who doesn’t want
to keep improving and be at the
top level. I don’t know if I’ll end
up being a top player or not.
“But I’ll be working hard to
achieve that and I wouldn’t
complain if it happened. I
just have to keep going and
see where it takes me,” he
A point for the Citizens
at Swansea in Sunday’s
curtain closer will guarantee
Champions League football
at the Etihad next season at
the expense of Manchester

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