Even as very patriotic Nigerians who have faith in the Nigerian state and a blissful future for all, we are not lost on the fact of the fallouts of recent attacks of Boko Haram insurgents whom the military alongside the federal government have repeatedly assured all that the group’s end was just around the corner. This we believe as well as the vow by the military to end Boko Haram’s terror reign in a matter of weeks away.
After all, there is no right thinking Nigerian and lover of this nation that will not acknowledge the successes record by the military and its foreign allies in the Joint Task Force in the grueling war against insurgency. On this note we agree too that in their last desperate efforts, the insurgents may have embarked on the spate of attacks we are currently witnessing, both in Borno state and the Federal Capital Territory, FCT.
While the former is perhaps, becoming a daily affair, those of the FCT, especially in the last one week were as shocking as they were instructive. Last Friday, there bomb explosions in Nyanya that was recording its third in two years and Kuje, off the Umaru Musa Yar’Adua highway. We hold the incidents instructive for some major national security reasons.
By the development, the insurgents and whoever their sponsors are letting it in on all that no matter what the Authority says to the contrary, they are not about to let go of their attacks. They are also, we think, stating that the two major highways that feed the FCT have their members ready to beat whatever security Condon there was to do the unthinkable; accessing the FCT and seat of the federal government. May we also add that what this portends to every dweller in the FCT is easily decipherable; where will the insurgents strike next, when and how?
We hold too that the much hyped need for intelligence gathering by relevant security personnel is key to stopping the seeming advance of insurgents into our individual and national psyche. While we agree that relevant authorities in government and security circles have often and again underscored the importance of intelligence gathering to crime fighting, it would appear that the message is being given action to.
No doubt, insurgents of the ilk of those behind the recent attacks on Abuja live in the midst of other fellow Nigerians. And we know too that it would take any patriotic Nigerian to identify them and relate the information to relevant quarters. But the question that we believe has remained unanswered as far as intelligence gathering and relaying relevant information to security authorities for their further necessary action is; how safe the giver of such intelligence information will be after then. Just what security and compensation would be available to such patriotic Nigerians who have over the years lived with the fear that any information passed on to security operatives, especially, in the above regard could just turnaround to be there greatest undoing.
Thus, when President Muhammadu Buhari laments the attacks and reassures us all that before long the nightmare would be over; when clerics from all faiths prayerful call for God’s miraculous intervention to halting the bombings and the killings; when the military has even demonstrably proved to the doubting Thomases that relief is just around the bend, Nigerians, especially residents in crisis-prone areas of Borno and the FCT still fear. The reason is simple: an overhaul of our security services and re-orientation that would instill needed confidence in most Nigerians in volunteering the most sensitive of any intelligence report to them.
We hold too that even after this Boko Haram interregnum, confident Nigerians will faithfully serve their fatherland in the above regards; volunteering useful information. But that confidence has to be built from now.