Dr Emeka Onwe, Chief Medical Director, Federal Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki, on Sunday urged Nigerians to embrace sporting activities to mitigate the effect of the nation’s current economic recession.

Onwe told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that engaging in sporting activities was ‘indispensable’ in people’s lives.

According to him, sporting activities will make individuals ‘active-minded’ and psychologically cushion the effects of the current economic realities in the country.

“When people engage in sporting activities, they forget their burdens and are psychologically ‘tuned’ to face challenges confronting them.

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“Exercises make individuals to be complete, physically and mentally, and fit to positively tackle their problems,” he said.

The director noted that sporting activities fostered love and harmonious relationship among people, which were currently lacking due to several social and economic factors.

“Individuals cannot harm those they train and engage in sporting activities with; I relish memories of the past when I meet my school compatriots in sporting activities.

“There are several instances of people securing jobs and other favours because they support the same club with those who offered the assistance, especially European clubs,” he said.

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He urged relevant authorities in the country to revamp sports, with emphasis on school sports and grassroots sports development.

“The sporting activities conducted in our primary and secondary school days for instance, appear to be missing in the current school curriculum.

“I was a good sprinter in my school days; we ensured that we did not miss school on days slated for sporting activities.

“We did all we could to impress our teachers to offer us opportunities of participating actively in sporting events.

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“When the abundant talents in schools and grassroots are discovered and appropriately harnessed, the nation would rediscover its glorious days in sports, especially in football.

“I can assure that Clemens Westerhof’s golden era would be rekindled,” he said.

He said that sports and medicine were inseparable, assuring that the hospital would continue in its efforts of promoting sporting activities for healthy living of citizens. (NAN)