ABUJA – THE National Assembly has summoned President Muhammadu Buhari to appear before the Senate and House of Representatives. The Senate in concurrence with the Resolution of the House of Representatives to invite the President, agreed with the lower chambers. President Muhammadu Buhari The summon was after a unanimous yes vote after it was put into vote by Senate President Bukola Saraki who presided over yesterday’s plenary session. With the invitation, President Buhari who would address a joint Session of the National Assembly, would intimate the lawmakers on his administration’s plans to get Nigeria out of the present economic recession that at the moment, biting Nigerians. The briefing by President Buhari would enable the National Assembly take further legislative action.

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  • Ayomide

    nice one

    am loving this

  • vincentumenyiora

    YOUR KIND OF PRESIDENTIAL system makes the work very easy as ‘Despots’ they do virtually nothing in the administration using the so-called ‘Kitchen Cabinet’ not elected in the main and their psychology underpinned by vendetta and vindictive thinking against sections of the people – this fact is clearly exemplified in Nigeria!

    Here we are a typical part of the flaws about presidency and for Nigeria – to appear indeed, what in the Parliamentary system he should be doing almost every day of the year! It is part reason I say that you must find way to bring back a cross between Presidential and Parliamentary or a return back to it – a revert, so that the opposition, acting as watch-dog in the capacity as ‘Shadow Cabinet’ can through criticisms and discussions in the Houses expose and possibly direct the government on what the right policies are for Nigeria than what you’re doing based on winner-takes all syndrome! Parliamentary system has been with United Kingdom over 600 years and they are not thinking about a change in total contrast to what is happening in Nigeria giving rise to the unprecedented corruption rate in the country! Presidential for Nigeria is like you asked the Presidency to work with ‘Kitchen Cabinet’ and the members are not elected – they have no mandate from you so you carry-on on their whims and caprices – some of them bluffing you; they often don’t care about the sufferings in the land!

    To say more that Presidential system is not the right system for Nigeria going by the composite formation of the country so, whoever that advised for it got it all wrong! We know what was in the minds of the propagators/ proponents of it but here we are is it working for the people? America decided on the system on obvious reasons and operates under strict laws of SEPARATION of and DELEGATED powers in total contrast to what you’re doing in Nigeria creating ‘fiefdoms’ for the CEOs and making them Despots, as it were!