PRESIDENT of Directors
Guild of Nigeria, DGN,
Fred Amata, has said that
theatre can be used as an
instrument for reducing
the effect the country’s
economic recession has on
Amata told the News
Agency of Nigeria (NAN)
yesterday in Lagos that
adequate investment in the
theatre and entertainment
industry would also boost
the economic sector of the
“Recession brings
different things. It brings
depression, brings
unhappiness, it brings
strife. Theatre for one can
help reduce that. You can
look at the comic side of it
and help you release stress.
“Also, theatre and
entertainment generally
can generate the kind of
income that’s capable of
removing a country out of
“Theatre and film are
beginning to be more
relevant in the course of
“We have advocated for
more cinema theatres, more
community theatres so
that we have a wholesome
robust thriving event,
where you can be making
financial returns and also
entertaining the public.”
Amata, who played
a pivotal role in the
development of the
Nollywood movie industry,
commended the Lagos State
Government’s initiative of
renovating the National
theatre and providing six
additional theatres across
the metropolis. (NAN)

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