Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Red Cross Society in Anambra State, Professor Peter Katchy, has urged the federal government to upgrade medical facilities in tertiary health institutions.
Katchy, who is a Professor of Integrative and Alternative Medicine, made the call in an interview with journalists in Onitsha.
He said lack of quality health facilities has contributed to increased medical tourism abroad.
According to him, millions of Nigerian citizens travel to different medical destinations like India, Thailand, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia and recently, Egypt every year.
“This has affected the traditional medical industry in Nigeria; the reason behind this is lack of medical facilities,” he said.
The medical expert said the federal government should encourage state governments to ameliorate the situation in decayed health institutions.
“There is an urgent need to build new health institutions with quality equipment and other necessary appurtenances. The intention to build one Primary Healthcare Centre, PHC, in every political ward nationwide is over ambitious and theoretical.
“The present administration urgently needs an effective National Mass Orientation and Mobilisation outfit to embark on strong advocacy and effective awareness on the benefit of medical treatment locally.
“The minister of health should endeavour to open a Federal College of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, FEDCAM, and integrate alternative medicine in Nigeria to enthrone holistic healthcare and minimise medical tourism,” he said.

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