HERITAGE Bank has said that there were no issues with its financial health, even as it debunked speculations to the contrary. In a statement yesterday, the bank said “we have and will continue to meet all our obligations to our esteemed customers. As a renowned customer-friendly bank, this is the duty we owe them.” The statement, which said the bank’s attention had been drawn to speculations bothering on alleged crisis within, said there was nothing of such. It added that instead, with its excellent service culture hinged on working with each customer to create a name, it has continued to renew its pledge to continually provide straight-through and seamless banking experience, provide accurate and relevant information to its
customers and diverse stakeholders. “We are driven by a set of principles that make us the embodiment of innovation wrapped in modest elegance and knowledge, enabling us to share and lead by example the emergence of a new attitude towards financial services, the people that provide them as well as those that benefit from them,” the statement said. It recalled the history of the emergence of the bank, stating that “in 2012, the seeds of rebirth were sown as we, against all odds, acquired the license of Societe Generale Bank of Nigeria (SGBN) from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). These seeds have sprung forth and bore fruit, leading to our emergence then as Heritage Banking Company Limited. “Staying true to our values of integrity
and excellence, we offered to return 100 percent of existing SGBN account holders’ funds. However, more than 70 percent of those preferred to continue with the service under the leadership of Heritage Banking Company Limited. We successfully returned 100 percent of existing SGBN account holders’ funds to their owners as promised, while at the same time meeting, fulfilling and exceeding all required criteria for operations. “Under the leadership of a team with outstanding talent and high performance consistency, Heritage Bank embarked on a quest to do that which had never been done in Nigerian banking – create, preserve and transfer wealth across generations. “In October 2014, Heritage Banking Company Limited successfully met the requirements of the Asset Management
Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) and the CBN, toward owning 100 percent shares in Enterprise Bank Ltd. “On 27th of January 2015, AMCON officially transferred ownership of Enterprise Bank Ltd to Heritage Bank, and today we have been fully integrated to become a single bigger and better financial institution – Heritage Bank Limited.” The several accolades the bank has received so far from corporate, government and individual well-wishers, the statement continued, are indicators of its robust participation in Nigeria’s financial sector. The same the bank also stated goes for the various corporate social responsibility roles it has sponsored from culture, tourism to sports among several others.

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