Two days after he was put on the spot over his alleged threat to beat Senator Oluremi Tinubu (Lagos Central) during a Senate executive session, Senator Dino Melaye (Kogi West) yesterday said he was forced to react the way he did after Tinubu described him as a dog and thug.
Melaye who made this clarification while briefing journalists yesterday said he would not have reacted to the matter but for the misinformation in public sphere about what happened between him and Mrs. Tinubu.
According to him, the executive session was meant to deliberate on the forgery case instituted by some of their colleagues. He said he only stood up to talk with the intention to pacify his colleagues who had initiated suits in court on the forgery allegation to withdraw their suits.
Melaye claimed that when he made his submission at the session, he didn’t use any rude or uncomplimentary expression neither did he mention anyone’s name when Tinubu suddenly stood up and alleged that she was being harassed by him.
Melaye said he exercised restraint when she made the allegation but his patience was exhausted when she again stood up and described him as a “dog” and “thug” who must be “tamed.”
He said it was at this level that he stood up and said to her, “you are stupid,” adding that the issue of impeachment was never discussed in the meeting but some persons who wanted to score cheap political points created it and opted to tell lies to the press.
Melaye who said Tinubu kept shouting “dog, thug” repeatedly described as untrue reports that some senators shielded her from his assault, saying he never made any attempt to come close to her neither did any senator interfere in the shouting match between them. He added that no senator attempted to caution him during the shouting match because everyone was irritated by Tinubu’s action and expressions.
He alleged that his trouble with the senator and her husband, Senator Bola Tinubu, started after they called him several times and asked him to withdraw his support for Senator Bukola Saraki during the struggle for Senate presidency last year, a demand which he said he rejected.
He said he had read a comment credited to Asiwaju Tinubu that he had got to the end of his political career, saying “Tinubu is not god” and he would never go to his house to request for any help.
He also denied the allegation that he threatened to impregnate Mrs. Tinubu, arguing that such insinuation was unnecessary because Tinubu cannot be impregnated now because she has already entered into her menopause.

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