Ijaw Youth Council, IYC, worldwide yesterday said, the removal of the 10 percent oil producing communities fund from the Petroleum Industry Bill is a grand conspiracy against the people and communities.
A statement issued by the IYC Spokesman Comrade Eric Omare said, “we totally reject this decision and state that it clearly shows the insensitivity of the Buhari led federal government to the sufferings of the oil producing communities of the Niger Delta and an invitation to anarchy.
“This decision is obviously an invitation to renewed hostilities and agitations in the Niger Delta region.
“The IYC enjoin Nigerians and men of conscience to reject this decision. We wish to also alert the world of the negative and oppressive decisions of the Buhari led administrations towards the Niger Delta region and their implications on peace and security in the region.
“The removal of the oil producing communities’ development fund from the PIB is a design by northern elements to continue their grip of the oil resources found in the Niger Delta region.
“The oil communities’ development fund is a laudable initiative aimed at making oil producing communities’ stakeholders in the oil resources that is produced in their communities and address sabotage and associated challenges.”
The IYC therefore, called on members of the National Assembly especially those from the Niger Delta region to reject this oppressive, anti-Niger Delta and retrogressive decision.

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